Outrage Over Imam’s Lecture on the Correct Way to Beat Misbehaving Wives

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2019

MOSLEMS are way past the point of “should we beat our wives tho?” Now, their discussions center around the correct approach to wife-beating.

Sputnik News:

Shia imam Bassem al-Sheraa, who lives in Michigan, reportedly held a lecture in Detroit on how to properly teach women who have misbehaved and explained what beating means by referencing the Quran.

Media watchdog Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, has called out US-based Shia Imam Bassem Al-Sheraa over his lesson on wife beating at the Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre in Detroit. The group published a clip with subtitles from the lecture that was reportedly uploaded on the centre’s YouTube channel in May, in which the cleric is seen dwelling on punishing wives and its interpretation in the Muslim holy book, the Quran.

According to the translation of Bassem Al-Sheraa’s speech, made by MEMRI, Islam’s teaching refers to beating as something that is not supposed to cause pain because it should be done with a teeth cleaning twig to teach a woman a lesson.

He points out that, according to Islamic laws, if a woman’s skin becomes red after beating, one has to pay compensation, and cites the prophet on the matter.

After the clip surfaced, angry comments poured in, slamming the imam as “wicked” and “evil”.

Women actually enjoy it when their skin turns red after a beating, so if your idea is to teach her a lesson, she shouldn’t get to enjoy it.

Paying them compensation doesn’t really make sense though.

Would you pay your fridge compensation because you closed its door with too much force?

The Imam doesn’t look “wicked” or “evil,” he looks like a reasonable MOSLEM giving wife-training advice to other MOSLEMS.

Wife-beating is not as straightforward as it sounds. If you inflict physical pain on them without emotional pain, they are likely to end up enjoying the pain and finding the whole beating a pleasurable thing, which would result in them misbehaving on purpose in the hope that you’ll beat them again.

Remember that women just want to feel. It doesn’t matter if it’s pain or pleasure — it’s all the same to them.

One of the reasons they can’t get over their abusive boyfriends is because they became addicted to the “abuse.”

The beating, if intended to teach her a lesson, has to be accompanied by an emotional attack on her, which is what the Imam is discussing.

Paying compensation because you made her skin turn red, on the other hand, is worse than making them addicted to the physical pain that you can inflict on them. It makes them addicted to their material gains resulting from pushing your buttons and acting like a bitch.

From best case scenario to worst case scenario:

  1. The beating teaches her a lesson and corrects her behavior
  2. The beating makes her addicted to the pain you inflicted on her
  3. The beating makes her addicted to the compensations you provide for her

In the first case, you accomplish your goal.

In the second case, she becomes addicted to something that you provide. You’ll have to change your approach and rewire her brain, possibly by switching to indifference instead of beatings when she misbehaves and beating her as a reward when she behaves.

In the third case, you’re fucked. The consequence-turned-reward is enforced by your religion so you can’t quite switch it like in the previous example. Basically, at this point, the woman turns into a monster and the only solution is to stop all beatings and pray to Allah asking for divine intervention.

But Western laws don’t allow any form of wife-beating.

What if you’re married and your wife is constantly misbehaving?

The first thing you have to understand in that case is that you’re already fucked because you married, and no attempts at appeasing or pleasing her are going to unfuck you. On the contrary, that will only make her resent you even more.

Your best bet is to embrace the fucking and make it happen on your own terms.

Stop giving her your time and start working on you. Assume she already filed for divorce and act accordingly. Go to the gym, keep yourself groomed and clean-looking, have a social life (socialize with both men and women, away from your wife), and plan how to recover once she takes half (or more) of your stuff.

Doing that won’t make her file for a divorce if she wasn’t going to file for a divorce anyway, and you’ll be in a better position if and when that happens. When a wife wants her husband, she fights against his attempts at pushing her away (because she fears losing him!) and tries all kinds of things to gain his respect and attention back.

Be smart about it.

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