Oz: Asian Rat Race Discrimination Commissioner Warns of White Supremacist Apocalypse

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2015

This is what you get when you cross a gerbil with a tailor.
This is what you get when you cross a gerbil with a tailor.

Australia’s non-Australian Asian rat Race Discrimination Commissioner has warned that government rhetoric about “terror groups” is encouraging the rise of what he chinkily terms “White Supremacist” groups, SBS reports.

Tim Soutphommasane is the 33-year-old French born Laotian Race Discrimination Commissioner appointed by the anti-White traitor former PM Kevin Rudd. His job is to harangue all the Whites in the country so that it can be resettled by masses of genetic garbage from third world trash heaps.

This chubby MSG-riddled rodent-with-glasses addressed the National Press Club in Canberra on the 40th anniversary of the enactment of the Race Discrimination Act. With stir-fry cat spuming off his breath, he drenched the microphone in spittle in his tirade against the European people who built the nation that he wants resettled by Asians.

Targeting proud patriots and nationalists for commentary, he named the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia, labelling them White Supremacists. These two groups, one of which is full of evangelical Christians, and the other which sees the sense in unifying ALL anti-left, anti-Muslim groups, will stage major protests across Australia on July 18/19. Neither are White Supremacists, but just good Australians fearful of what’s been taken from them by the traitorous political class. The bloated Chinaman is especially fearful that terrorists and their families might be worried about invading the country if even the most token resistance from such groups seems likely.

Once translated into a readable form of English, his rant went something like, “I hold serious concerns about a deterioration of community harmony. A deterioration that warrants close attention from governments and leaders. Anxieties about the threat of Islamist extremists, harassment of Muslim and Arab Australians, many of whom feel under constant suspicion.”

He blamed the expression “Team Australia” used by Prime Minister Tony Abbott as particularly harmful to the re-colonization.

Removing the translator for a moment, he said, “Rast rear, rhen re offricial trerror arrert ras raised to hrigh and rhen the ranguage rof tream Austraria ras introruced to rour proritical rexicon I hrad rany crommunity orgarizations and mrembers, particurary of Musrim and rArab brackground, rexpress croncrern.”

The walking tub of Tom Yum soup then used his speech to demand a special clause be inserted into the act so that it can never be changed and Whites will always be guilty of hate crimes if any brown person has their feelings hurt.

Got a problem with White Supremacists in your country? Call the chink rat.
Got a problem with White Supremacists in your country? Call the expert.

Reinstating the translator for the final quote before heading off for his hundredth service of Yum Cha for that afternoon, the fat disgusting devotee of dog-flesh said, “We have an opportunity to right old wrongs (right old Wongs more like-HP). We have an opportunity to make a statement about racial equality. And it’s time our constitution is purged of ideas about racial superiority and the natural order of imperial power. It’s time that we also guarantee that all Australians have a protection from racial discrimination (except Whites-HP), because our constitution should and must speak more truly in the spirit of democracy. One committed to equal citizenship and the rejection of racism.”

Later on this year, the nation will be deluged in anti-White propaganda in a tax-payer funded campaign titled “Racism, it stops with me.” The purpose of this anti-White program will be to push diversity until every White eyeball rolls back in its White head.

The rat will of course play a big part in it. Him rikey diversity, see.