Oz: Boy Sent Home From School Because His Hair is Too Short

Daily Stormer
December 8, 2016

When your #FashyHaircut offends normies  

We usually hear about the average high school whore who gets sent home for deliberately dressing in a slutty way, and they cry about sexism and how everybody is out to keep girls down, but this right here is a legit scenario where a student was sent home for a reason that is laughable.


A WESTERN Australian schoolboy sent home for sporting “a boy’s haircut” has earned an army of supporters after his defensive mother vented her outrage on talkback radio.

According to his mother Sandra Fedele, Year 10 student Jake had gone to class on Monday to collect his exam results as required, but was promptly sent home because his hair had allegedly been cut too short.


look at dat shiny bald head

If it were a public school then I’d think that this was an attack on somebody having a haircut that’s perfectly normal for their obvious gender.


No goy, you want long hair!

But considering it’s a Catholic school, I can’t help but think that maybe they feel threatened by the fact that his haircut resembles one that a Hitler Jugend would have sported.

More like one of the best parts of 2016.

Teachers at Corpus Christi College in Perth’s southern suburbs had decided the trimmed sides of the Jake’s hair could “offend” a fellow student or teacher, and that it was against school policy, but Sandra hit back.

The woman claimed teachers told her it was against school policy for students to have hair shorter than a standard number two blade cut, and so she went to a barber for proof her son’s hairdo was within the rules.

After returning with a note from the barber that said her son had a number two cut, “but it could look shorter because he has fine hair”, it was agreed the boy could go back into class but “he has to wear a hat on his head all day long”.


Very triggering

The school has not commented but hopefully they do, and hopefully the reason is one that will inspire other young rebellious boys to proudly wear around the Naziesque hairstyle.

They can’t suspend every boy that gets the haircut and will have no choice but be forced to accept their Nazi students.

The modern education has become too corrupted by Yiddish indoctrination and we need to change that.


And if it has nothing to do with Nazism then it’s too bad he isn’t a fag and doesn’t have a pink mohawk, because then the whole LBGTQJSHD+ Community would be behind him and he could sue them for mental rape.