Oz: Gas-Huffing Aboriginals Rightfully Treated like Animals

Daily Stormer
February 9, 2017

They should count their blessings for not being kept in cages.

Australians have always had to content with rough wildlife. Out there, basically everything can kill you; snakes, spiders, bugs, you name it. The most troublesome wildlife they’ve had to deal with, however, was the Abo.

While the Abo isn’t known to be particularly deadly, it’s vaguely human shape has endeared it to cat-ladies all over Australia, forcing the government to spend a large part of it’s resources trying to prevent this archaic bipedal hominid from going extinct.

The abos themselves, however, have done their darnest to make this task difficult, as they have little sense of self preservation and a mysterious propensity for self-destructive behavior.

Every year, the state must conduct campaigns to try and convince them to avoid sleeping in the middle of roads or huffing deadly chemicals, to little success.

On top of all this, the Jews are trying to trick Australians into feeling guilty for not trying hard enough to pretend these creatures are human like them.


Almost half of indigenous Australians have reported recently experiencing racism – a figure two and a half times greater than the general population.

A survey of 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders conducted late last year found 46 per cent of respondents had experienced racism in the past six months – up from 39 per cent in 2014.

Only 18 per cent of about 2300 people surveyed from the general population for the Australian Reconciliation Barometer described experiencing racism over the same period.

The results proved Australia was not moving fast enough to curb racism, said Reconciliation Australia chief executive Justin Mohamed.

Why is this Moslem pretending he’s an Abo?

To top it all off, you have all sorts of parasites pretending to be Abos in order to reap state benefits and get in on the guilt-tripping.

Can you imagine pretending to be a monkey in order to get free bananas from the zookeepers? This is the level of human material the Aussies have to deal with.

Attempts were afoot to weaken race-hate speech laws, the constitution still allowed for racial discrimination, and Australia was yet to implement its obligations under the UN declaration of rights of indigenous people.

Are kangaroos also protected by the UN declaration? They’re “indigenous” too, after all.

Look, this ridiculous idea of pretending Abos are somehow human is a recent invention. It wasn’t so long ago that they were kept in zoos for humans to observe, and presumably throw peanuts at, like any other part of the Australian wildlife.

They even gave them clothes, lol.

I see no rational reason why Abos shouldn’t be returned to wildlife reserves. Anything else is just some twisted form of animal cruelty, which is clearly against the spirit of National Socialism.

We are nature’s greatest protectors.