Oz: Homosexualists Place Gigantic 60ft Condom in Park Where Children Play

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2014

Imagine trying to explain what this is to your children.

Desperate to force their degeneracy on everyone else, the homosexualists latest assault on decency is in Sydney Australia, where the Independent informs us they have placed a gigantic 60ft condom over a 157-year-old heritage-listed obelisk.

The AIDS Council of New South Wales are quite proud of the fact that they have done this to encourage people to have more gay sex, even though this is the very activity which caused AIDS in the first place.

It cannot be because they want more gays to use condoms, as since their efforts began “the number of gay men not always using a condom during casual encounters has increased by around 20 per cent.”

giant-pink-condom (1)
The monstrosity has been put up in Hyde Park, Sydney.

They are also clearly not just aiming this stunt at homosexuals, as instead of putting the monstrosity in an area frequented by sodomites, they have erected it in a park where children play.

The Chief Executive of Acon has even admitted that this had been deliberately done, in order to “turn lots of heads and raise a few eyebrows.”

This is sickening. Why else would they want innocent children to turn their heads and raise their eyebrows, if they were not intent on corrupting that innocence?

This was probably also paid for by the Australian tax payer.