Oz: Jew Media Stokes Anti-White Hate Ahead of Weekend Rallies, Warns of Melbourne Kristallnacht

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2015

Beware Melbourne: the Nazis are coming! The Nazis are coming!
Beware Melbourne: the Nazis are coming! The Nazis are coming!

The big Jewish noses at Australia’s Fairfax media have been running a disinformation campaign against nationalists and patriots ahead of the Australia-wide Reclaim Australia rallies.

Melbourne’s The Age published two articles effectively painting targets on the backs of good Australians out to protest Islam and the violence employed by leftist anarchists and so-called anti-fascists.

In mockery of everything that they are allegedly dedicated to, the pro-multicult anti-Australian hacks took the precepts of objective journalism and went to the bathroom all over them. Labelling protesters as Nazis-who-killed-every-Jew-that-ever-lived-then-persecuted-their-ghosts, they effectively present anyone involved in the movement as deserving of being killed by the braying mob on the counter-side of the protests.

Validating lies spread by leftists on social media, they grimly reported how police are investigating claims of United Patriots Front members and others “packing” (weapons) on Saturday at the Melbourne leg of the rallies. In fact, a source reports that a “leftist” was arrested over there on weapons charges.

Melbourne has special significance to the organisers. Being the multicultural mecca of Oz, it is regarded as the most crucial protest zone in the upcoming rallies, given the level of opposition faced by nationalists and patriots from White-hating social parasites.  It is the holy wog capital of Australia, and the establishment traditionally allows terrorist anarchists and anti-fascists free reign to assault opponents and even harass police.

Claiming that the two principle groups involved in the rallies, Reclaim Australia and United Patriots Front are aligning themselves with ‘Nazis’ and ‘far right wing groups’, they set about banging the drum of fear, and indeed in doing so ironically prove everything that the organizers are opposing about left-wing bias. They even manage to draw “Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn” into the narrative.

Of course, just a couple of hours checking out the different Facebook pages of Reclaim Australia and United Patriots Front would show that the two groups actually have serious differences of opinion, and RA is now trying to distance itself from UPF in a misguided bid to shake the unjustified “Nazi” tag. Indeed, RA is trusting in “God” to spare it from harassment by the usual dung-encrusted junkie-filth anarchists, while UPF has all along been calling for unity for the sake of bolstering numbers.

The following day, Fairfax ramped up the mendacity, now warning “anti-racism protesters” to “stay away” from the Melbourne rally on the grounds that United Patriots Front uploaded video that “glorified the murder of a teenager.”

Beneath an image of an unaffiliated ‘Nazi’ who they erroneously label a ‘UPF member’, they wrote:

 The video was posted ahead of the group’s protest against Islam and Sharia Law at Parliament House on Saturday, which is being promoted as the “biggest patriot rally in Australian history”, and is scheduled to follow a rally by Reclaim Australia earlier in the day.

Neil Erikson, an administrator of the United Patriots Front, promoted the video as showing “one patriot versus a thousand unwashed filth”, in which he praises the man convicted of killing the 16-year-old and stabbing another man in the chest.

Narrating over the footage he describes the moments after the deadly attack – when horrified commuters fled the train and platform – as “bloody awesome”.

“Look they’re like ants running away from one patriot. We have the power. There he is by himself, he won the battle. One patriot versus a thousand left wing unwashed scum. Bring on July 18, Melbourne, Parliament House, 1pm.”

The disturbing video, which has since been removed, has prompted a call to abandon a counter rally organised by No Room For Racism which has been planned to thwart the UPF demonstration.

Mo El-Leissy, an Islamic community worker and trained imam, issued a warning to stay away from Saturday’s rally, saying the video incited violence.

Not once does this nanny state gazette make any mention of the assaults and disorder by the larger contingent of leftists during two previous rallies this year. Nor do they bother to mention that no White Australian has murdered a single Muslim in this country, unlike vice versa such as the Lindt café siege, and other attempted murders and terror attacks by home-grown Jihadis.

This image will appear on The Age's front page reportage of Melbourne's rally.
This image will appear on The Age’s front page reportage of Saturday’s Melbourne rally.

There is a long-standing arrangement between police and the Muslim community that keeps radical Muslims from attending these counter protests. And that’s a pity, because it’d be definitely worth the entry price to see Muslims standing shoulder-to-shoulder with thieves, homosexuals and junkies — everything they wish to kill off.