Oz: Moslem Buttrapes 10-Year-Old Boy, Says It is Normal in His Culture

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2016


Haha, nice culture you got there, buddy.

We can learn so much from you.

Teach us, oh ye wise master of vibrancy.

Daily Mail:

A refugee has been jailed after pleading guilty to raping a 10-year-old boy, but told the court before sentencing he thought the sexual act on the child was acceptable.

Mufiz Rahaman, 20, told authorities it was culturally acceptable to sexually assault children in Myanmar – where he lived before coming to Australia, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Rahaman is a Rohingya Muslim – as was his young victim, the Downing Centre court heard.

The assault occurred on January 8, 2015 in a vacant Sydney club where the boy was living with his father.

Rahaman crept into the child’s bedroom while the boy’s father was preparing lunch and offered his victim money, according to documents tendered to the court.

‘My Dad will hit me,’ the victim said.

The father who had returned to find the bedroom door closed had overheard the conversation between Rahaman and his son and opened the door.

When he asked Rahaman ‘what are you doing to this little boy? You’re an adult.’

The paedophile replied he wasn’t doing anything.

Judge Andrew Scotting, who handed down a prison sentence of five years said Rahaman failed to understand his actions would ‘physically’ and ‘psychologically damage’ his young victim.

He also found the offender, who continued to claim sexual assault was culturally acceptable in his homeland, had not ‘accepted responsibility for his actions.

Society is going to be so much better in Australia once their racial make-up is a majority non-White.

There’s gonna be so much vibrancy, you won’t even be able to see straight. The kinda vibrancy that will knock your head straight off.

Thanks, Jews.