Oz: Neo-Nazi Image Goes Viral, Proves Reclaim Rallies are Second Coming of Hitler

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2015

Oh, goyim.  Now you've done it.
Oh, goyim. Now you’ve done it.

More than a week after the Reclaim Australia rallies made news around the world, the Jew media is still working overtime to portray the ordinary Australians who attended as vile Naziswhokilledsixmillionjews — and this time they have proof!

The fact that these rallies were kosher conservative affairs counts for nothing now that a soon-to-be Pulitzer Prize winning photograph from the Melbourne rally shows an actual evil Nazi skinhead facing off against a nobly dark-skinned counter protestor has gone viral.

And who needs anything as cumbersome as the actual truth when you have an image of a White man with a swastika tattooed on his head! The Daily Mail article leads with the line, “It was the moment a man, hands open in peace, stood up to a swastika-tattooed neo-nazi (sic) with his fist clenched in rage.”

Sure doesn't look like the White guy was to one looking for trouble.
Sure doesn’t look like the White guy was to one looking for trouble.

Now, blow us over with a dusty set of bagpipes, but the so-called neo-Nazi’s fists are not clenched, and that chocko’s “hands open in peace” gesture looks more like a typical Negro invitation to start up a fight.

But that astounding attempt by the DM of showing you a duck and claiming it is a platypus aside, the weasel photographer told whatever media outlet Daily Mail lifted this story from (as is their habit), “It was a very angry atmosphere — it definitely seemed some of the people on the Reclaim Australia wide were there looking to start a fight.”

This is what the Hooked-Noses call ‘chutzpah,’ and it means this turkey has a real nerve. What’s more, he was utterly biased, and his solidarity clearly with the dung-encrusted troublemaking reds. The overwhelming evidence on that day was of feral anarchists assaulting the elderly, hurling horse feces at police and RA activists and blocking half of the Reclaim crowd from even making it into the venue that they had legally booked.

Further down this apocryphal accumulation of badly edited sentences that poses as a serious journalistic article, it becomes apparent that the hacks at the DM ripped off this whole twaddle from Buzzfeed, which is the news equivalent of a heroin injecting room. See, Buzzfeed and that other softener for the day child porn becomes legal, Vice, have a very Semitic notion of the concept of objectivity, in the sense that they treat it like a Palestinian settlement by bombing it into blackened dust.

One thing is for sure, the government and media are now faced with another Pauline Hanson One Nation situation, and they will pull out all stops to try and bring down the Reclaim Australia movement. They will lie, they will discredit, and they will eventually infiltrate it and attempt to destroy it from the inside.

"Name's Tony Abbott, mate.  I'm from down unda."
“Name’s Tony Abbott, mate.”

For those who don’t know, Pauline Hanson posed a threat to the conservative liberal party and threatened to poach half their voter base, and split the party.  The current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, the then Workplace Relations minister in the Howard government put together a slush fund to bring down the One Nation leader. With their nefarious resources they dogged her and smeared her until they finally had her jailed under bogus pretexts.

Now this stammering wingnut-eared slave to Zion is PM and he won’t tolerate anything that tries to derail the ZOG express.

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