Oz: Senior Rabbi Jews It Up Over the Anti-Halal Movement

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2015

 Rabbi Moshe Gutnick
Rabbi Moshe Gutnick

One of Australia’s most prominent rabbis has proven the fable of the scorpion and the frog to be spot on by coming out in support of the Muslim community against an anti-halal campaign mainly sponsored by Jews anyway, The Age reports.

Reports suggest that Queensland liberal backbencher Andrew Laming was garnering support for a plan to reform halal labelling. However, the office of Assistant Health minister Fiona Nash, whose office oversees labelling, denied that his plan — which involved food manufacturers being able to obtain religious certification or just save money by making the claim themselves — was ever approved. To further confuse matters, Laming reckons it wasn’t even Nash’s office he approached, but he’s still pushing the scheme.

But none of this mattered to the absurdly presented Rabbi Moshe Gutnick and his Triffid-like beard. The Age reports that he descended onto his typewriter like Moses onto the Ten Commandments to hammer out a scathing rant to his local newspaper.

Prattling on about attacks on the religious freedom of Australians (which in his Obi Wan Kanobi get-up he certainly doesn’t resemble one), and racial prejudice. Sure enough, within a paragraph or two the circumcision-enthusiast was banging on about some shit called Tom Ha’Shoah, “…the day Jews commemorate the victims of the Holocaust”. Indeed, the Shabbi was “inspired to speak out by those who risked their lives protecting Jews from Nazi persecution.”

But given that half the agitation behind the Reclaim Australia movement that the anti-Goyim is protesting is covertly sponsored by Israel, it soon becomes apparent that his real fears are that similar labelling laws might affect revolting kosher products like gefilte fish.

Still, it didn’t stop Old Man Yid from burbling on that, “All this has absolutely nothing to do with the legitimate rights of the Islamic community (which he hates) to practice their religion in Australia through the certification of food as being halal and has absolutely nothing to do with the rights of Australian manufacturers to seek halal certification for the foodstuffs in order to sell them to Muslims.”

And thus we once again return to the fable mentioned earlier and give our cherished readers a useful admonition about believing anything that comes out from between a pork-persecutor’s bearded lips: just don’t.

You get more truth out of a politician busted getting head off a pock-marked crack-head sheboon while snorting up a foot-long line of Bolivian marching powder. Actually, that’s probably a fairly accurate description of a Jewish politician anyway, so carry on folks!