Oz: Too Much Online Hate for Mariam and the Gook

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
May 27, 2015

tfw no sharia law in Australia
tfw no sharia law in Australia

It was here at The Daily Stormer that two of Australia’s biggest proponents of anti-racist cyber laws were dealt the troll army treatment they so richly deserved. One of them went on to grouse about it like a badly drawn female prototype-version of a destined-to-be-unpopular Warner Bros cartoon character.

Seriously, if there was no ‘online hate’ (and we’re taking ‘their’ word for it that any sort of reasonable definition of such a thing actually exists), these two non-Australian leeches — who have ingratiated themselves as go-to authorities for any commentary on so-called ‘hate speech’ — would have to invent it. And in a way, they have.

Mariam Veiszadeh (an Afghan refugee and self-appointed race activist) and Australian Human Rights Race Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane (a mutant French-born Vietnamese rat impersonator) spend their every waking moment inflating these “profound challenges” of cyberspace to give air to their own self-importance. When referring to ‘profound challenges’ they mean making non-White Internet users safe from having their feelings hurt by bad White people online, which is a jumbled pretext for a story, since ‘hate’ traverses race and is most likely greater relative to peer-harassment. You know — meme-ing a kid meanly until they commit suicide, as seems to happen so often with Generation fag.

By doing so, they paradoxically keep drawing attention to the fact that they’re non-Australians who don’t fit in, and whose very existence justifies hate speech, and presents positive arguments for the revival of the White Australia Policy.

Tim Soutphommasane is Australia's "race discrimination commissioner."  That is an actual title.
Tim Soutphommasane is Australia’s “race discrimination commissioner.” That is an actual title.

In a report that amounts to nothing but a bunch of dull sentences stacked atop each other just to fill space, one of the ABC’s least talented writers, Lorena Allam (something Arabic sounding about that surname) has got on the blower to these two existential germs as she muddles through a confusing article to discover ‘How the Racial Discrimination Act works in the world of online hate.’

Because Online Hate is a world in an alternate sphere orbited by a sun blacker than Satan’s heart, where Nazi flags fly from moon craters, and White Supremacists crawl out from cyber ports clenching Hitler Youth daggers between their teeth. Yawn.

The upshot is that the Race Discrimination Act has been in force for 40 years and hasn’t yet turned everybody into Australia’s answer to Ned Flanders. Yet, reality and government legislation are like two beasts trying to butt heads from two continents apart — directly missing each other every time. It is testament to how stupid the whole thing is that by statistics reported in the eye-glazer of an article only 180 made it to a court or trial in 40 years, so why even bother.

Regardless of the author’s efforts to steer the reader in the direction of demanding ‘more action’ the wad of text simply stands as a testament to the pointlessness of it all. But not to five different universities who’ve begun a project to seriously go to the mat with this online racism thing. They’ve created project CRACR (sounds a lot like a derogatory term for a White person), or Cyber-racism and Communities of Resilience. This elite bunch of broadminded nerds and boffins intend to study the crap out of this thing until they get to the bottom of cyber racism and come up with a cure. Or something.

It’s at this feeble juncture that the woeful tale of Mariam is repeated by the liberal press for the umpteenth time. The Arabic founder of Islamaphobia register’s “nightmare” began with a Tweet, which we’ve previously covered. Yep, so offended was she by a T-shirt being sold in a major retail chain that read “Australia: love it or leave” that her mild-mannered demeanour vanished and her headscarf became the Muslim equivalent of a superhero’s cape as she took to Twitter to drive that shirt off the racks and have it firmly nailed into the Australian psyche that to love Australia is racist and alienates non-Australians who like to call themselves Australians but hate it when … erm, well, you follow.

The t-shirt that set off a hellstorm of Moslem tears.
The t-shirt that set off a hellstorm of Moslem tears.

By the nature of these things, this generated blowback for Mariam, who was targeted by a “neo-Nazi group based in the US” (shucks) who “took it upon themselves to encourage their thousands of followers to send (me) hateful tweets, hateful images, cropped images of my head next to decapitated pigs heads [lol], images of me being stoned to death with PhotoShopped blood on my cheeks … those sorts of images that I can talk about now but it was horrific at the time.”

Which is the best part of the yarn, ’cos it shows we weren’t wasting our time after all. Tearfully, Mariam is living in constant fear. But more so she is concerned about where “we’re headed as a nation.” I love the “we’re” considering she is nothing more but a shill for a worldwide Islamic caliphate.

Nevermind this.  It's Moslem welfare immigrants who must live in constant fear.
Nevermind this. It’s Moslem welfare immigrants who must live in constant fear.

In conclusion, Mariam’s a battler, because as she says, “If I had deactivated my Twitter account, it’s almost like they would win.”

Negative Mariam — we’ll only win when you and all your kind are sailing on the good ship Ali Baba back to the rocky hills of Afghanistan where you belong.

So to sum up the story: Mariam, Mariam, Mariam…

Yep, she ain’t going away anytime soon. Not until Australia is 0% Halal.

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