Oz: Zambian Negro Running for Local Council Uses Campaign Slogan “Vote for the Black Guy”

Daily Slave
October 17, 2014

Vote for the Black guy?   No thanks.

I am not sure why a Black Zambian can even run for a local government post in Australia, but his direct and straight forward campaign slogan “Vote For The Black Guy” is an interesting tactic.  It is however misguided if he hopes to get elected.  I would think most Australians wouldn’t vote for him because of his Blackness.

Even still, these types of straight forward and direct campaign slogans can be effective at getting attention as Robert Ransdell proved recently with the campaign slogan “With Jews We Lose.”

Al Jazeera:

Council candidate Nkweto Nkamba’s election campaign slogan “Vote for the black guy!” is generating a variety of responses about race in an Adelaide community in Australia. Nkamba says his slogan is meant to be “humourous and funny” and a “clever way to stand out”. An accountant by profession, he moved to Australia from Zambia in 2005 and is running for the first time.