Pack of Black Devils Rob, Kill 77-Year-Old White Texan Man

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2018

Left to right: Krystal Dixon, Tationna Mosley and Brentavian Henderson.

Another day, another white man killed by blacks.

It really makes you question whether the Chosen Ones who brought them to America had the best of intentions…


Three East Texans are behind bars tonight after deputies say they robbed and killed an elderly man.

It started out as a routine welfare check when Tyler police received a tip saying the victim needed to be checked on. Tyler police notified Smith County deputies who went to the house around 3:45, he was nowhere to be found, until deputies checked the backyard.

“They checked an outbuilding, which was locked, they had to force entry because they had seen a victim laying on the floor that appeared to be deceased and was later determined to be deceased,” Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith says.

77- year old Roy Bowins lived in his house alone, on County Road 121 in Bullard.

Sheriff Smith says Bowins was robbed on November 13th, where he was beaten and left to die in a shed in his own backyard.

“We have recovered some stolen property, to include the vehicle, the 2015 Chevrolet Impala that was stolen from the victim during the burglary,” Sheriff Smith says.

Because of a tip, deputies were able to find two suspects late Friday night, at a hotel in the four corners, off Highway 69 and Loop 323 in Tyler. 25-year old Krystal Dixon and 19-year old Tationna Mosley.

And just recently, as of 1:15 Saturday afternoon, deputies were able to find and arrest 22-year old Brentavian Henderson in the same location.

Roy Bowins (top left).