Palestine Wants to Bring Russia in for Peace Talks Due to American Problems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2018

The US is no longer a serious country. It does not act in a serious manner on the international stage.

Trump is slowly changing that – sort of, at least he’s going in the right direction – but we’re a long way off.

Furthermore, the US is a country which has historically had a Zionist Occupation Government, meaning that it cannot be expected to deal fairly in this situation.

Bringing Russia to the table is a smart move.


Russia could provide platform for a potential meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Palestinian foreign minister said, voicing Palestine’s readiness to sit down for direct talks with Israel.

“Absolutely, [we are ready for direct talks] through a third party, of course,” Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said Tuesday, as quoted by RIA. “We don’t think a 15-minute meeting in Jerusalem would help us,” the minister went on, noting that “coming to Sochi or Moscow would be a good decision, if [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu is willing to.”

“The flight is no longer than three hours, and [Netanyahu] would enjoy hospitality of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and the Russian people,” al-Maliki said, calling on the Israeli side to consider the option, according to RIA.

As for the part US has in the peace process, al-Maliki reiterated Washington can no longer be the only mediator.

However, the conflict settlement can’t go on entirely without US participation. Palestine “clearly stated that the US can no longer be the sole broker in the Israeli-Palestinian talks,” as Washington sides with Israel “against the Palestinian position.”

“We can’t ignore the US completely, that’s why we agreed for the US to participate,” the minister said.

Al-Maliki’s words echo Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ remark, made during his delegation’s stay in Moscow. While the Palestinian side doesn’t reject the US joining the mediation attempts, it wants multilateral talks.

Trump might end up being better on Israel than it looked like he was going to be in 2017. He recently stated that he doesn’t think Israel wants peace and cited the settlement program as proof of that.

The entire game is going to change if Bibi gets forced out of the government. And that might happen. I’d say it’s 50/50 at this point.

Because ultimately, the Palestine peace talks are not worth anything. What matters is the Syrian war. If Iran fully establishes a large military force in Syria on Israel’s border, there is then a check on all behavior of Israel, and the details can be worked out.