Panamanian Capuchin Monkeys Evolve to Stone Age, Niggers Forever BTFO’d

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2018

Yes, this is a true story. Scientists believe they’ve found monkeys that are more advanced than blacks who belong to the Niggerus Maximus branch of the great ape family.

New Scientist:

Another non-human primate has entered the Stone Age – the fourth type known to have done so. One population of white-faced capuchins living in Panama routinely use stones to smash open nuts and shellfish. Other nearby populations don’t make use of stone tools, which might suggest that primates – perhaps including our ancestors – stumble into the stone age by chance.

Chimpanzees in west Africa, macaques in Thailand and several species of tufted, strongly built capuchin monkeys living in South America use stone tools …

Now, most people have always known that niggers are the least civilized of all the ape species.

But to have their civilizational achievements matched by Capuchin monkeys still living in the South American rainforest is something else.

Jokes aside, the article is actually a bit disappointing. Most of it’s behind a paywall and the premise, I think, is flawed.

Crows are in the stone-age by the measure that these scientists are using. They’ve got regional dialects and can fashion tools like hooks with their beaks. This is also more than many Gen Z tide pod-eaters will ever be able to do.

I don’t think being able to use stone tools is enough of a “stone age” measure.

Perhaps cave-paintings though? Something to show abstract thought taking place.

But that being said, I can’t draw for shit and some of these paintings are actually quite good.

At least I have great WPM, come at me caveman.

Most Arts majors cannot paint this well either, seeing as modern art doesn’t take any skill.

So yeah, problematic stuff, the whole stone age question. Significant swaths of our society don’t even measure up to caveman standards anymore.

That’s what happens when you import the stone world and let stoners dictate your culture.

Which, I’m not even against living more naturally, and closer to nature.

But at that point, its gotta be an Archeofuturist deal. Trad societies with beneficial tech, but with the negative side-effects of that tech closely curtailed.

Anyways, I feel bad for the white-faced Capuchin tribe.

Soon they’ll have a long-nosed Capuchin tribe move in to live with them and start telling them to interbreed with other chimps and to feel guilty for their white faces.

Better that they stay in the stone age and off the radar until at least one great ape species figures out how to deal with the long-nose tribe.