Patriot Front’s University of Texas Demo

Daily Stormer
November 8, 2017

On Friday evening, November 3, in Austin, Texas, Patriot Front, a fine group of goys who I consider personal friends, stormed the main campus of the University of Texas.

They followed a good strategy, similar to the one used at the Houston Anarchist Book Fair BTFO: They met up in a nearby parking garage, and loaded up into trucks to head to the demo location. They had men from Austin, the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and Houston, as well as a few from out of state, numbering 30, roughly.

They marched across campus, and picked up a police car, who began tailing them, while typical leftist students and other Austinites gawked in confusion.

They picked  up the pace and arrived at their selected locale, the university’s George Washington statue, where they held a nice, fashy torchlight vigil and their leader, Thomas Ryan, gave a stirring speech.

During the speech, cops started forming up behind them, preparing to push them off campus, but they let them carry on long enough to finish the speech, so at that point, their mission having been a success, they went back to their vehicles, did a head count, and departed.

During the demonstration, local anarchists were blowing up  Twitter, but, no surprise here, none of them came and confronted anyone.


This is a great way to do these demos. Get in, do your thing, obey the law, and get out. Flash mob is a good way to go.

But remember, don’t carry weapons, and always make sure and keep up with all your guys.

You have to hand it to Patriot Front, they looked good, and they have a great amount of organizational discipline. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

But that wasn’t all that happened that weekend.

Saturday was the alleged infamous November 4th, and since the commie and anarchist faggots didn’t have the balls to actually show up and do anything, the fellas decided to go do a flash demo at Monkeywrench Books, a local commie bookstore that, according to Thomas, somehow makes around a million dollars a year,  despite having very few books to sell.

They say it’s tiny, so there was no point trying to go in.

Upon their arrival, the clerk, some negress, came out and began babbling into her cell phone, and a couple of ugly leftist skags with choppy blue and green hair stood there in shock,occasionally moving their mouths as if to say something.

The Jewish owners were nowhere to be seen.

Other than that, the demo went unopposed. The dirty grunge-commie customers stayed inside.

We need plenty more of this type of quick, flash activism, and groups like Patriot Front (their Gab) and the DFW Stormer Book Club (their Gab) are showing how it’s done.

Stay tuned folks, there’s more to come…