Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson Arrested for Pre-Crime Ahead of Portland Event

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2019

The model for Patriot Prayer appears to be to simply show up in Antifa-run strongholds like Portland to give the lefties a good punching bag every now and then, to keep them in good form. On an individual level, you have to be a total sucker to sign up for this totally one-sided rout… but to be fair, Patriot Prayer really does do a good job of showing legendary Liberal/Leftist tolerance in action to the masses.

In fact, I’d say that they unironically have a much better media strategy than any Alt-Right organizers – who didn’t seem to have any media plan whatsoever.

At least Joey Gibson understands that Americans don’t like to see women and old men and Christians getting beaten up by fat college kids high on HRT. It may suck for the individuals who take a ride on the short yellow bus to Portland only to get maced and set upon with hammers, but it does make for solid anti-Lefty propaganda.

Joey Gibson was arrested before Saturday’s event in a third world bullying type gesture.

New York Post:

The leader of a right-wing group was busted by Portland, Oregon, police Friday night before a rally expected to draw people from around the country.

Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson to urge his followers to “show up one hundred-fold” in response to his arrest, the Associated Press reported.

The arrests of Gibson and five other far-right activists appear to be a signal from cops to organizers to keep their event peaceful, the AP said. Anti-fascist groups have promised to confront the right-wingers at their rally in Oregon’s largest city. Similar events in the past resulted in widespread unrest on Portland’s streets.

This arrest raises more questions than answers. 

Was Joey Gibson really arrested because he was planning a rally that the cops didn’t agree with? Because that’s what the article seems to be saying here. “A signal from cops…” means abuse of police force to threaten political dissidents from where I’m sitting.

What department was responsible for this? Portland city cops or the FBI?

Probably Portland’s very own Danielle Outlaw.

And so, apparently, instead of arresting the Antifa people who are doing all the smashing and bashing… the coppers are arresting Patriot Prayer and their associates.

Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture here, we see how Leftists always twist reality to fit their narrative. See, the violence is the fault of the people who are being attacked. If they hadn’t shown up to be attacked, there would be no violence.

In other words, if you object to anything that Antifa does, you are engaging in violence and so trigger Antifa’s right to pre-emptive self-defense AND give the police the right to arrest you for pre-crime, apparently.

Gibson was not involved in planning Saturday’s event but organized similar rallies the past two years that erupted in clashes, He surrendered Friday on an arrest warrant for rioting related to a May 1 confrontation with Antifa activists outside a bar in Portland.

The bottom line is this: Joey Gibson was arrested because what he was doing was effective. His actions woke middle America up to the terror threat that is Antifa.

People started asking questions like:

Q: Why isn’t the mayor of Portland doing anything? 

A: Because he is an Antifa sympathizer.

Q: I thought Antifa only fought Nazis? 

A: The term “Nazi” means anyone that Antifa doesn’t like.

Q: What about the police? 

A: The Cops are pinko scum.

Also: I assume that this sheboon police chief probably broke some laws by abusing her right as a Minority to force Joey to report for arrest, just like the dindu police chief in Charlottesville did with Unite the Right.

There is no doubt a civil liberties infringement case to be made here.

Now, if only we had a conservative president in office capable of directing the DOJ to investigate the situation…

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