Patriotic Bank of America Continues Policy of Freezing Accounts of Brown People

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2018

The official bank of the Alt-Right strikes again!

A few months ago, a story emerged that Bank of America was stealing the money of Mexicans and harassing Jews.

We immediately declared it the official bank of the neon-Nazi movement.

Far from apologizing for this conduct or repudiating our endorsement, the brave patriots working at Bank of America instead doubled down, and widened their harassment campaign to include new categories of brown people.

Note to other corporations: this is how you handle PR.

Mercury Sun Star:

Saeed Moshfegh woke up earlier this month to discover the strangest thing: though he had plenty of money in his Bank of America account, he couldn’t access it.

An Iranian getting his Ph.D in physics at the University of Miami, Moshfegh used the account for everyday transactions. All he had to do to maintain the account was show proof of legal residency every six months.

Sounds like they used to be far too soft. Who cares if a terrorist has legal papers? Just freeze their accounts already.

They should have asked for documentary proof that this haji isn’t a terrorist instead – every week.

Oh, well. At least now they’ve done the right thing.

“I think it’s onerous, but I’d been doing it,” said Moshfegh, who has lived in the U.S. for the past seven years. He recently married an American.

That Thursday, Moshfegh went to his local branch near South Miami. He was told that the documentation he had provided could not be accepted. Bank officials insisted he produce a different form, according to Moshfegh. The bank was wrong, he maintains, because the form he had supplied was the correct one based on his current status as a student nearing graduation.

“This bank doesn’t know how the immigration system works, so they didn’t accept my document,” said Moshfegh, 36.

Locked out of his account, Moshfegh couldn’t pay his rent, which was due that week. Credit card payments were suddenly rejected.


Guess he’ll have to go live under a bridge, huh?

Better yet, go back to Iran and live like his compatriots.

Normal Iranian lifestyle, minus the gaudy carpets.

His case isn’t unique. In recent months, Bank of America has been accused of freezing or threatening to freeze customers’ accounts after asking about their legal status in the U.S.. In July, the Washington Post reported that multiple customers had been locked out of their accounts after Bank of America questioned whether the account holders were U.S. citizens or dual citizens.

This is so, so good.

Bank of America is now basically working for ICE – and needless to say, the Jew left is noticing.

As we’ve said before, deporting every last brown person is neither realistic nor really even necessary. All we need to do is create a climate hostile to them living here peacefully, and they’ll just leave America on their own.

When it becomes widely known that brown people will just be harassed non-stop by banks, hospitals and other essential services, and denied service randomly, they’ll quickly move on to greener pastures.

Thank you, Bank of America, for doing your part in making America White again.