Paul Joseph Watson Calls on Followers to Donate Money to Islamic Terrorists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2019

Paul Joseph Watson is literally so shitty, it’s almost impossible to believe he actually exists.

Who is watching this?

Boomers? I guess?

His fellow libertarian homosexuals?

Frozen takes aside, I didn’t even realize how many jump-cuts he uses. How many years has he been doing this? He literally does not have a soul, and he has to pretend he does for his videos, and he can only do it for 3-4 seconds at a time and has to take a break. I guess.

Anyway, yeah – he’s calling on people to donate to the New Zealand mosque that got shot up in a hilarious practical joke.

As we reported here, this is a literal terrorist mosque.

We weren’t the only ones who said it. After we reported it, it was picked up by MILO and others. I think everyone on the right wing is aware of it now.

So the homosexual libertarian jump-cutter Paul Joseph Watson is knowingly telling you to send money to a terrorist recruitment center.

Will he be charged for the crime of soliciting money for terrorists?

No, because that isn’t illegal in the UK.

Their government likes it when people do that. They say it makes their country stronger.

What an absolute and complete disaster.