Paul Joseph Watson Claims He Doesn’t Even Know What’s Going On

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2015

Operation: Jew Wife part two is proving an overwhelming success. We are literally destroying these people.

And we have yet to even begin to fight.

Following my article on the Judas behavior of the bull-prepping cuckold Paul Joseph Watson, he tweeted a screenshot attached to a bizarre statement.

He wrote “I continue to welcome attacks from extremists be they white, black, Arab. I don’t discriminate.”

This article I wrote was about him blocking me on Twitter because I pressed him on the attempt to throw the David Duke debate with Alex Jones down the memory hole.

So, apparently, “welcome attacks” means “block and refuse to answer questions from” in this context, though he did not make it clear what relationship race has to do with his decision to block me, or explain if there are Blacks or Arabs he has blocked because they asked him questions he didn’t want to answer.

Here, once more, is that question.

The question is simple, and I believe very fair:

Why was the Duke interview deleted from YouTube (remember, they only uploaded ten minutes of it to begin with), why was the article about the Duke interview deleted from

Then the mask came off completely when Boris Le Lay responded.

Watson’s answer?

“Question? What Question? What’s going on? Where am I? What year is it?”

The question that the article you just posted a screenshot of was about, Watson.

He should have attached this picture of himself to the "what question?" tweet.
He should have attached this picture of himself to the “what question?” tweet.

Do you really believe that your readers are so stupid as to believe you have no idea what is even going on? That you were incapable of comprehending the content of the article you posted the screenshot of?

Humoring him, Le Lay replied:

And, 17 hours later at time of writing, he has not responded. And yes, he has been tweeting regularly in that time frame.

Where exactly do you think you are going to run, Watson?

You cannot close your eyes and make this all disappear.

This will not stop until I say it stops, and I will not say it stops until it is explained in full why your organization has attempted to bury the information that David Duke shared on your own program about the Jewish problem.

There is nowhere to run.

People trusted you to tell the truth, Watson, and you have screwed them over for money.

We all get old and we die Watson. It is a fact of life. How will it feel to be on your deathbed, and know that you spent your life lying to people for money? Telling lies which will inevitably, if believed, lead to the total destruction of Western civilization?

No, they aren't. They're waking up to the Jews, and they're waking up to the fact that lipstick faggots like you are trying to cuckold them.
No, they aren’t. They’re waking up to the Jews, and they’re waking up to the fact that lipstick faggots like you are trying to cuckold them by prepping the kike bull and banging their brains out with disinformation.

Keep doing that, brothers. Hit them hard.

Hit all of these people hard.

Keep Tweeting them, keep commenting on their YouTube uploads, keep commenting on the articles on If you get blocked, use Tor or a VPN (you really should have a VPN anyway, you know – they are very useful).

If you don’t have a Twitter, get one. It’s very fun.

More info on all that here.

And post screenshots in the comments section here when you’re banned. Also post screenshots of your comments that get through.

And if anyone has the time and the skills, pull the quotes of Alex trying to explain this without actually ever saying what is happening. He has been commenting daily on the collapse of his comments section under the Trollstorm.

Here is a screenshot of the entire Watson tweet and replies, in case he tries to throw this down the memory hole as he scurries like a rat to cover for the corrupt Jew-run disinfomation empire of Infowars.

paul joseph watson run where exactly


  1. No offence to the men on this site if your hair is shaggy… but if Watson actually makes a decent wage, WTF is going on with his hair? Can he not afford a hair cut?

  2. He knows.
    He knows.
    He knows.
    He knows.
    He knows.

  3. PJW is a researcher — that’s his main role.
    So he squawks in front of a camera now too. So what ?
    So a professional researcher ‘Doesn’t KNOW’
    Pull the other one. He knows.

  4. Their response to this unnecessary debacle has gotten stranger by the day.
    How hard would it have been to say, “damn that segment seemed hyper racist when we watched it a second time and we don’t feel comfortable giving it more publicity on our site. Despite that it will surely make its rounds online, at least we won’t be the ones using it for profit.”

    At least that you could half ass respect as an actual stance. But first no post, then big bad wolf, then nazi infested chat, then we like the clickbait controversy, then whaaaat? Huh? I’d be hostile to their viewpoint and Still do better PR for them…

    Now you know Watson reads what you say here though. That’ll be fun to play with.
    And on the upside, infowars is now indirectly advertising your site via Twithole.
    Who is Boris Le Lay and why does he matter in this?

    Personally, I think the illuminati Greys have infiltrated a fluoride based neurotoxin into the infowars office water bottle. It’s a binary toxin that activates in the blood upon ingesting Super Male Vitality. It’s really the only explanation that makes any damn sense at this point.
    I have the documents.

    • Yes no doubt that neurotoxin gives you a crippling case of CHRISTIAN ZIONISM.

      • It is indeed one of the side effects. Among which are apparently: memory loss/amnesia, erectile dysfunction, rapid aging, bloating, hormonal mood swings, fits of rage, product placement Tourette’s, headaches, invisible Jew syndrome, werewolf hallucinations, and anal leakage.

        I have the documents.

  5. This is getting gruesome.

    Hey INFOWHORES — a little advice: The first thing you do when you find yourself in a hole…


  6. Insane Moolie Loving Jew Infowars took down the Dr. Duke Debate and are now playing reruns of this.

  7. “Alex is a mere puppet of his Jewish sponsors and his Jewish producer. I wonder why he scrubbed the Duke interview from the site and YouTube account. It may be because the subject of Jewish control of the media was discussed. Alex can not wipe his nose without consulting one of his Jewish handlers who pay his salary. It is too bad so many here follow his misdirection and suppression of information.”

    One of my comments over there on his site.

  8. Ben Garrison an exclusive interview with the young Nazi, Andrew Anglin!


  9. I am headed over to info wars to leave a few comments.LOL!

  10. “He wrote “I continue to welcome attacks from extremists be they white, black, Arab. I don’t discriminate.”

    What a rebel, oh wait no, just another guy who we thought had some guts, but when it came down to it, he was revealed to be a big fat pussy.

    “This will not stop until I say it stops,”

    I’m new to this computer stuff, but I will be making a few accounts with twitter, google and yahoo so I can take part in the fun in trolling these cowards. There is no middle ground, you are either for the White agenda or against it. 14/88 is the White agenda.

  11. The looks like a homosexual.

  12. This article made me lol so hard at how this fag is getting rekt! Can’t wait to start trolling tomorrow.

  13. He’s probably afraid of the Jewish Elite and what they’ll do if he turns on them, which makes him a coward and an enemy of the truth, but this fear of his is well warranted, the Illuminati Jews are a serious lot, but even so we should still face our fears and do what is right. If we do that then Satan has no hold on us, the Jew has no hold on us. Paul Watson, just know everyday you don’t speak out against these devil kikes, they rape, torture, molest, and ritually murder more and more women and children as each day passes on. Don’t be so selfish, forget what the Jews will do to you and think of the children.

    • Yes, the Jews have all the money, but they are nice enough to let the Gentiles control the entire world. And the Gentiles, in turn, even though they have control of the entire world, allow the Jews to have all of the money and never even think of taking it away from them, even though, being Gentiles, they are congenital, evil anti-Semites who hate the Jews.

  14. People look really stupid when they pretend not to now what something means. It means they are either lying poorly, too lazy to use google, or too stupid.

  15. If Hitler won the WW2 the world would be much better place to live. But the allied (jews) had to nail him.

    I miss Hitler every day. I think it is a fucked up world since he has no grave. Not very Christian…

    RIP Hitler, we get the rest of the nasty kikes. You can rest assured about that. We continue to walk in your footsteps. Your struggle is our struggle. We Won’t Let You Down.

    • Hey Fruit, you might like this article:

      If Hitler Won World War II We Would Have A Better, More Just World Today


      BTW, I’m still seeking volunteers to help in writing up the transcript of the Alex Jones Debates David Duke interview. So far I’ve completed 35 minutes, with 85 minutes to go.

      Please see this post for details:

      Alex Jones Debates David Duke 2015 08 18 Full Interview — TRANSCRIPT


    • Amen brother.
      John 15:18
      18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 

      19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. 

      20 Remember the words I spoke to you: ‘No servant is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. 

      21 They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the One who sent me. 

  16. He is a person devoid of valor, manliness, courage, strength, character, and worth. A man without virtue. A cuck.

  17. It’s just a matter of time before Watson has a breakdown form Jewish fatigue.

  18. Deleting the video is the worst move Jones ever made… Just like the “Shoah,” we will NEVER let them forget! NEVER FORGET!

  19. The old man is deffo a jew boy,the Fatman says it.

  20. Watson looks like he’s got the Aids!.

  21. Does anyone know how to search public records?
    We need to find out if Alex Jones’ mother is ethnically Jewish. If she is then Alex is a Jew. Alexander or Alex is a popular Jewish name for historical reasons. Here is the link to the Austin records office searchable database:

    • Nice try JIDF. Everyone here knows Mothers are off limits. Plus we already know he has a Jew wife which is enough to earn him a one way ticket to Tel Aviv.

      • Why are you protecting Alex Jones? Are you really JIDF?

        • I’m protecting Alex Jones’ mom genius. So digging up info on the Fat man’s mom is alright but Andrew’s mom isn’t? Fuck. Come on man.

          • I believe the difference is physically confronting the mother, showing up at the residence, putting the residence on air for the whole world to see and then saying this is the mother of a white supremacist.

            A far cry from a records check online that does nothing to contact the person….at all…just to find out if they are jewish.

  22. The Paul Joseph Watson Doomsday Bull Prepper survival kit:

  23. For all we know that Alex could be taking it up the ass too!.

  24. LOL! I continue LOL!

  25. Paul Judas Watson has already taken his 30 shekels, he is a filthy traitor just like Alex ‘jew lover’ Jones. He chose his side long ago.

  26. Melvin Polatnick

    Abe Foxman(ADL) or Wiesenthal, the pro holocaust survivor might be available to debate David Duke. Every Jew and anti-Semite will be watching.

  27. He’s already got the lipstick. Now just add a big red nose and white paint to show him for the clown cuck (cucklown?) he is.

  28. That’s a Raving Homo Tranny!.

  29. Did someone clear up what “bull prepping” is to Watson yet?

  30. Donald Trumpovitz


  31. Can someone who lives in Texas please establish through official records the maiden name of Alex Jones’ mother? If she is a Jew than Alex is a Jew and Alexander for historical reasons is one of the most popular Jewish names.

  32. Alex said on the 8/26/2015 broadcast that he welcomes comments in his comments section from David Duke supporters, because the traffic has been amazing and it helps his click rates and sponsors.

    Unfortunately his Infotards don’t welcome them 😉

  33. It was pretty obvious these phonies at Infowars were just a limited hang out operation when this Watson character would only harp on about social justice warriors every day when there was ample evidence being uncovered by amateur YouTube sleuths exposing the frauds of the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook.

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out Peekay Boston and his expose of the Boston trouser bombs:


  34. Donald Trumpovitz

    Keep up the pressure. RIP CensorWars

  35. Donald Trumpovitz

    Alex Jone$berg’s zionist shill buddy. He’ll play dumb as long as the Jews keep paying him

  36. Politico Incorrectico

    has anyone here heard of “MGTOW”? i have been listening to this guy called sandman on youtube and he doesn’t talk about the jews… would be funny to see a stormer raid on that guy. ;;)

  37. Anybody know how he makes his lips look like that?
    My girlfriend wants to know.

  38. My goodness, Paul has an acute case of ‘reefer’ eyes. This may be the reason for his state of confusion.

  39. 6 million? What 6 million? You’ll have to show us the proof.

  40. Insane Moolie Loving Jew

    Dahhhhhhh Jews?

  41. “I continue to welcome attacks from extremists be they white, black, Arab. I don’t discriminate.”

    He doesn’t dare to mention the Jew even there. You can bet your ass he never blocked any Jew.

    • Jews own and control just about everything; but, since they are the “chosen ones,” miraculously, the conspiracy works around them and never even touches them….

  42. Looks crypto. Funny eyelids and mouth. Just sayin. Also had the yellow fever with the Asian wife fetish.

  43. The United Sheeps of America

    You mean to tell me that neither Jones nor any of his staff have explained why the videos were taken down? Not one single explanation anywhere?

    Even if they were to just make up a bullshit excuse it would be better than running away from it.

    • Yeah, they should say “we lost the tapes,” “internal systems malfunction” or something.

      That would be better than this.

    • National Security.

      (Israeli) National Security that is…

    • The takedown has not been mentioned once to my knowledge, despite referring to the interview and the chat room hell it inspired many times.

      • They went full lock down in the comments too. I was defending one person for stating the hypocrisy of free speech Jones. Somehow I managed to get 4 up votes before being deleted and blocked. Oy vey!

        • It’s been random for me. Some comments went through, some immediately Mod deleted as though I’m banned. Haven’t bothered to try again because I didn’t say anything that deserved to be banned in the first place.
          Unreasonable censorship is like an extra 100lbs on a woman to me, made my enthusiasm for even participating there go a big soft one. Which is my statement to them, watch the sane people abandon you and your numbers decline.
          So where is my outlet, what does that leave you… Far more radical venues and personalities that while you may not wholly agree with, they aren’t overtly hostile to your questioning of the world. That is how revolutions, good and bad, begin. Systems of control can’t help but breed their own downfall.

          • Well, considering Jones has been championing free speech since he got on the radio and even more so once Infowars was established. There just has to be a huge amount of his long time audience, following the fallout of Dr Dukes Interview sat there trying to understand the hypocrisy of it. Fat man would be 1st to mention it if CNN or any other outlet tried to erase an interview of his from history, not even a day later.

          • Exactly. He has handled it the absolute worst way you could considering his particular audience.
            Oppose, condemn, correct, reprimand, whatever… He would have gotten a pass because it would be consistent with his stated views anyway.
            Obfuscate, evade, and lie…in basically a room full of conspiracy theorists.
            It makes no sense whatsoever unless you’re A. trying to intentionally give it legs/attention with plausible deniability (which I don’t think is the case), or B. if you were outright told by your backers to enact a policy you can’t effectively push because of the audience. Thus the clumsy fumbling.

            Or C. It’s the neurotoxin and they’ve all gone collectively retarded.
            Again, I have the documents.

            (Or D. He isn’t being specifically ordered by anyone but knows full well if he goes whole hog anti-Jew, he’ll be financially ruined down to Duke level obscurity and ridicule, then ostracized, hated even by people he likes, family, etc. So, he stands nothing to gain and literally everything to lose. It’s the subtle bigotry of soft-Jewing.
            Though this still leaves their current approach inexplicable.)

        • You are…the tip of the spear

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