Paul Joseph Watson Claims He Doesn’t Even Know What’s Going On

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2015

Operation: Jew Wife part two is proving an overwhelming success. We are literally destroying these people.

And we have yet to even begin to fight.

Following my article on the Judas behavior of the bull-prepping cuckold Paul Joseph Watson, he tweeted a screenshot attached to a bizarre statement.

He wrote “I continue to welcome attacks from extremists be they white, black, Arab. I don’t discriminate.”

This article I wrote was about him blocking me on Twitter because I pressed him on the attempt to throw the David Duke debate with Alex Jones down the memory hole.

So, apparently, “welcome attacks” means “block and refuse to answer questions from” in this context, though he did not make it clear what relationship race has to do with his decision to block me, or explain if there are Blacks or Arabs he has blocked because they asked him questions he didn’t want to answer.

Here, once more, is that question.

The question is simple, and I believe very fair:

Why was the Duke interview deleted from YouTube (remember, they only uploaded ten minutes of it to begin with), why was the article about the Duke interview deleted from

Then the mask came off completely when Boris Le Lay responded.

Watson’s answer?

“Question? What Question? What’s going on? Where am I? What year is it?”

The question that the article you just posted a screenshot of was about, Watson.

He should have attached this picture of himself to the "what question?" tweet.
He should have attached this picture of himself to the “what question?” tweet.

Do you really believe that your readers are so stupid as to believe you have no idea what is even going on? That you were incapable of comprehending the content of the article you posted the screenshot of?

Humoring him, Le Lay replied:

And, 17 hours later at time of writing, he has not responded. And yes, he has been tweeting regularly in that time frame.

Where exactly do you think you are going to run, Watson?

You cannot close your eyes and make this all disappear.

This will not stop until I say it stops, and I will not say it stops until it is explained in full why your organization has attempted to bury the information that David Duke shared on your own program about the Jewish problem.

There is nowhere to run.

People trusted you to tell the truth, Watson, and you have screwed them over for money.

We all get old and we die Watson. It is a fact of life. How will it feel to be on your deathbed, and know that you spent your life lying to people for money? Telling lies which will inevitably, if believed, lead to the total destruction of Western civilization?

No, they aren't. They're waking up to the Jews, and they're waking up to the fact that lipstick faggots like you are trying to cuckold them.
No, they aren’t. They’re waking up to the Jews, and they’re waking up to the fact that lipstick faggots like you are trying to cuckold them by prepping the kike bull and banging their brains out with disinformation.

Keep doing that, brothers. Hit them hard.

Hit all of these people hard.

Keep Tweeting them, keep commenting on their YouTube uploads, keep commenting on the articles on If you get blocked, use Tor or a VPN (you really should have a VPN anyway, you know – they are very useful).

If you don’t have a Twitter, get one. It’s very fun.

More info on all that here.

And post screenshots in the comments section here when you’re banned. Also post screenshots of your comments that get through.

And if anyone has the time and the skills, pull the quotes of Alex trying to explain this without actually ever saying what is happening. He has been commenting daily on the collapse of his comments section under the Trollstorm.

Here is a screenshot of the entire Watson tweet and replies, in case he tries to throw this down the memory hole as he scurries like a rat to cover for the corrupt Jew-run disinfomation empire of Infowars.

paul joseph watson run where exactly