Paul Joseph Watson Should Get an Emmy for This

William Martel
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2015

I must say, this is Paul’s best performance yet. We have seen him tackle some other good topics like black crime, which of course helps our cause by getting people to realize that there are differences in racial behavior. Although Paul works for the fat man, who insists that the problems of the world are due to the German death cults who escaped the fall of Berlin and keep manipulating the world to this day with the help of their Arab allies running Hollywood, it seems like Paul is willing to go into more sensitive topics that actually matter.

I think that all of these trans-everything agendas are being pushed even harder lately because I feel the Jew is becoming more desperate by the day. They know their time is running out so they are simply trolling us all to see how far they can go, doing whatever they can to try to destroy the natural order of things. It would have been absolutely insane to ever think that one day a bearded tranny would be an icon for Eurovision and a former American Olympic athlete would pretend to be woman. But all of this insanity is a good thing. The more they push their madness, the easier it will be to wake up our fellow white brothers and sisters form their trance.

Anyway, enough of me babbling, enjoy Paul’s epic performance.