Paul Ryan’s Plan to Save DACA Before Resigning is Doomed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2018

Paul Ryan is not seeking reelection.

Yet, it was important to the rabid cuckservative to attempt to save the parasitical DACA babies before leaving government. And he has no issue with sinking the GOP in the midterms in order to get this done. In fact, sinking the GOP in the midterms appears to be his goal – what else would it be?

Good news is, no one expects it to work out for this diabolical and evil conspiracy.

They were trying to force a vote, but they failed, so then Ryan backed out and came up with some new plot that looks to have zero chance of floating.


House Republicans will vote next week on two bills addressing the plight of hundreds of thousands of Dreamers who face possible deportation, circumventing an intra-party war over immigration.

The floor votes will effectively stop the effort by moderate Republicans in tandem with Democrats to force a vote on their immigration plans through a so-called discharge petition. The moderates do not appear to have the 218 signatures needed to circumvent leadership and force a vote on their own bipartisan bills to codify the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

So they’ve been left to accept Speaker Paul Ryan’s idea: One vote on a conservative proposal drafted by Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), and a second on a compromise package still being assembled by Ryan in consultation with moderates and conservative Republicans.

The development effectively kills the discharge petition campaign, a staggering loss for moderates seeking to pass legislation protecting Dreamers. Under a tentative agreement between conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus and moderates, a vote on the Goodlatte bill would end the discharge petition.

Conservatives, according to people following the talks closely, said they would not vote for any compromise bill until the discharge petition was off the table. At the same time, conservatives did not promise to back a compromise even after the discharge petition was shut off.

Instead, the immigration hardliners are pushing to include red-meat provisions that made moderates uncomfortable.

The bottom line of all the back and forth: Efforts to strike an immigration deal between moderates and conservatives are not going well.

While Ryan’s way forward agreement is not ideal for moderate Republicans, the group does not appear to have the support to do things its own way. After the last Democratic holdout, Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas, added his name to the discharge petition Tuesday night, the centrists needed just two more signatures to secure votes on their proposed pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.

But they came up short.

Ryan on Tuesday spoke with the remaining Republicans considering signing on to the petition and asked them not to. They speaker told them he is confident that conservatives and moderates will come together on a DACA bill.

Privately, however, leadership — as well as moderates and conservatives — recognize that the compromise bill will fail likely fail.

The announcement came just a few hours after moderates floated a new offer to conservatives Tuesday night in hopes of reaching an immigration deal to shield Dreamers from deportation — but the proposal failed to break the impasse, according to multiple GOP sources.


So basically, Ryan has capitulated, the who thing is doomed, nothing is going to happen until after the mid-terms, wherein there will be no political will to do DACA anything.