PayPal Jewed Daily Slave at the Same Time It Jewed Daily Stormer

Daily Slave
November 27, 2014

It looks as if PayPal has conducted a purge of PayPal accounts associated with pro-White websites.  I was just informed yesterday that PayPal will no longer do business with us because they claim we are a “racist” hate site.  Truth be told, I don’t hate anyone because of their race.  I try to treat everyone with respect regardless of their skin color.  It just so happens that I am also a realist and we must accept the fact that there are racial differences among us.  These differences are being exploited by Jews to create discord and chaos but at the same time they say it is evil to identify the obvious.  No amount of whining, crying or shutting down our business accounts will change that.

I highly doubt that PayPal would stop doing business with an anti-White, pro-Black and pro-Jew website under the guise of their acceptable use policy.  Abe Foxman or Al Sharpton would be banging on their door if they did that.

Andrew Anglin received a similar notice for the Daily Stormer which seems to indicate that this is a deliberate purge of PayPal accounts used by pro-White websites.

I guess in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter a whole lot.  It is just interesting to see how PayPal has decided to Jew both of us at the same time.



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