Peak Derangement: Italian Government Sends 80 Migrants to a Rural Village with 7 Inhabitants

Diversity Macht Frei
November 10, 2017

In the district of Vaccamozzi, in Erbezzo, there are seven people living. A woman with her mother and uncle of 94 and 96, a couple, a carer and a man. This is where, between Sunday and yesterday, greeted by the mist and rain, 26 Africans arrived, asylum seekers, all between 18 and 30. They are the first, 80 are expected in total. They will be housed in the ex-NATO base next to the district, in the building that was also used by the carabinieri.


The same deranged Italian government just sacked a policeman for posting the following video in a private chat. It shows a migrant pedalling down the motorway. The policeman mocks Italian Prime Minister Boldrini’s claim that these people are “resources” for Italy.