Peak Lolberg: YouTube’s Greatest Philosopher Goes After Tucker Carlson!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2018

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Ben Shapiro was incredible.

We gave it a full 14/88 – full marks – here at the Stormer.

But that was before the world’s greatest living philosopher had his say. Yes, after listening to Stefan Molyneux’s take on the interview and absolutely savage putdown of Tucker’s populist arguments, I actually feel compelled to retract my previous article.

Stefan’s argument is simple, and he honed in on the same part of the debate that I did – the talk about automated trucks and the social cost of new technology and the mass unemployment that awaits vast swathes of America.

Tucker was wrong because he strayed from lolberg principles and raised a concern about the welfare of American workers instead. That came off as a bit commie to Stefan.

See, to Stefan, the system and the principles that gird the system, hold it up as it were – they are more important than the people. Your people, our people. Clever little theories trump all of that. We live to serve the system, not the other way ’round as Tucker believes.

Because that is the main purpose of any sane society: to contort itself into logical pretzels while living up to a clever set of principles, and not to concern oneself with banalities like, oh idk, the general welfare of the people. 

But Stefan is an internet philosopher and that’s a well-paid profession that can’t be replaced with robots right?

*beep* *boop* collectivism is EVIL, let me show you a random 20-something thot who agrees.

All this is to say that Stephan and other similar personalities like him aren’t engaging in White Taqiya or hiding their power levels.

If Tucker Carlson can get on air every night and be more based while on cable news, the bar for online cuckservatives has been raised. Or perhaps a better way of explaining it is that the Overton Window has been moved. Seriously, thanks to Tucker, that window now peaks onto a wide and bountiful valley overflowing with milk and populism.

What is even the point of these Alt-Lite types now? 

Between Tucker and Iron Ann, you have two mainstream figures who are more based than anyone left in the old Alt-Lite.

So now Stefan is reduced to attacking mainstream Fox News Nationalists (probably because he thinks he’s Jewish or something) on their channels!

You could have said that Stefan was a good gateway to the red pill or something similar way back when, but this logic flies out of the window if he attacks an actual nationalist like Tucker.

These guys really have no excuse at this point. Into the trash they all go.