Peak Poz: “Call Me Maybe” Girl Raises Bar for Ugliness and Degeneracy

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2018

My God. It’s only getting worse and worse isn’t it? No breaks on this degeneracy train until God sends columns of fire down on us.

This new Carly Rae Jepson single is really something to behold.

On a sidenote: whenever I see one of these artists making a comeback, I shudder as I think about what they had to do to get the Jewish execs back in their corner.

I think the agreement here involved hard drugs (Carly looks rough around the edges) and littering the music video full of Jewish degeneracy. Far more so than usual.

It’s a song dedicated to masturbation, and released during No-Fap November, no less! Although I don’t think anyone but the selected and dedicated patrician few will be able to fap to this.

Because the most disturbing part was definitely the granny shit.


I don’t think kids find that shit cool. So is it possible that the kikes are over-playing their hand here?

I can’t imagine any teens being super keen on songs about grannies masturbating. 

But who knows, maybe there is no bottom, no splat at the end of this free fall until Moslems take us over. Perhaps the tween psyche can be manipulated to like stuff like this as long as the right washed up stars and Jewish studios promote it.

We shall see.

But why bring this up?

Well, I don’t usually pay much attention to pop music. In my mind, the whole thing is still stuck in the early 00s where there’s talk of sex and getting drunk, maybe a passing reference to getting high and worshipping a negro.

Whenever I plug back in, it’s a huge wake-up call, though.

This shit is so degenerate it’s getting out of control.

I remember my parents not wanting me to watch The Simpsons, but I suppose the new generation of parents is not good with the cyber and lets the kids watch what whatever they want on the iPad?

Funny enough, a video about trannies and gays and assorted strange-looking people getting drunk and celebrating masturbation is allowed to stay on YouTube.

I’d call out the double standard here, but that’s been already done and instead, all I want to point out is that the reason why we still have this stuff on Youtube is because, clearly, the kikes want our kids looking at stuff like this.

Everything becomes crystal-clear when you look at things from the perspective of a scheming kike, doesn’t it?