PEGIDA Comes to the UK

Daily Stormer
January 23, 2015

Moslems: The one thing that everyone in the world hates.
Moslems: The one thing that everyone in the world hates.

Good news, everyone!

Globe and Mail:

A German group that has made headlines – and drawn criticism – worldwide by organizing mass marches against the supposed “Islamisation of Europe” has now spawned a chapter in the United Kingdom, one that wants to hold demonstrations in two English cities in the coming weeks.

Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West, better known by its German acronym Pegida, is the mobilizing force behind a series of weekly demonstrations held every Monday in the eastern German city of Dresden. The marches have pulled up to 25,000 people at a time into the streets to protest against what they see as the spread of Muslim culture inside historically Christian parts of Europe.

More than 10,000 people have clicked “like” for Pegida UK’s manifesto since the group launched on Facebook on Jan. 4. Two founders of the British chapter – who spoke to The Globe and Mail on the condition their family names not be used – say the movement is now planning to test whether those who support it online are willing to take to the streets.

Khalil Charles, a spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain, said the appearance of Pegida UK was “very unfortunate,” but not surprising given that the radical UK Independence Party was now running a strong third in polls ahead of a general election in May. “We’re living in an atmosphere at the moment where so-called mainstream politicians are stirring people up into racism, anti-Semitism and anti-immigrant sentiment,” Mr. Charles said.

Pegida UK has chosen the northern English cities of Manchester and Newcastle – seen as friendlier centres than multicultural London or Birmingham, the city with Britain’s largest population of Muslims – for its initial marches and is waiting for permission from those cities to hold the demonstrations. Dates have not yet been set, though the group’s founder said he expects they will happen with “a couple of weeks.”

“This is going to be huge,” said the 33-year-old Swiss national who manages Pegida UK’s Facebook page and e-mail account. In a telephone interview, he said his name was David and that he lives and works in Britain. He said he had been inspired to launch Pegida UK after attending several of the marches in Dresden, and that the movement had gained many new followers in the immediate aftermath of the attacks in Paris.

The Hitler-loving founder of this movement intended for it to be Europe-wide, and that is what we’re now seeing.

No one in the world likes Moslems. They are horrible. Buddhists don’t tolerate them, the Chinese atheists don’t tolerate them, Hindu Indians don’t tolerate them, Jew Israel doesn’t tolerate them – Whites are the only people who tolerate them. But they don’t like them. So dislike of these people is the ideal point around which to rally a new political force in Europe. And that is what is happening.

It’s about time.

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