Pegida Founder Resigns Over Hitler Pose

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2015

A new holocaust.
A new holocaust.

The founder and co-leader of the German anti-Moslem group PEGIDA, Lutz Bachmann, is stepping down after a picture of him dressed up as Hitler was circulated throughout the media.


PEGIDA’s Kathrin Oertel told news agencies that Bachmann was stepping back from his roles in the group opposing what it calls the “Islamization of the West.” Bachmann then told mass-circulation daily Bild – the same paper that had published the two-year-old image of him wearing a toothbrush mustache in the style of Adolf Hitler: “Yes, I am also resigning as chairman [of PEGIDA].”

In the picture, Bachmann wears a mustache and a severe side parting reminiscent of the German dictator. At first, he claimed that the picture was a joke.

However, PEGIDA on Wednesday said that Bachmann’s real error had been making comments on Facebook – calling asylum seekers in welfare offices “scumbags” and “animals” – rather than the posting of the picture.

Bachmann himself issued an apology over the nature of those posts. “I am sorry that I have damaged the interests of our movement in this way,” said Bachmann. “I sincerely apologize to all citizens who feel offended by my posts,” said Bachmann.”They were imprudent remarks that I would not make today.”

Bild quoted Bachmann saying he posted the Hitler picture to coincide with the 2012 audiobook release of a satirical book that imagined the dictator coming back to life in modern-day Germany. “One has to be able to make fun of oneself,” Bachmann was cited as saying.

‘Either an idiot or a Nazi’

After Bild’s publication of the picture, PEGIDA – which has staged a series of increasingly popular rallies in the eastern city of Dresden – said its leadership was meeting to discuss the matter. Organizer Rene Jahn said the incident had been “unacceptable.”

“There’s no dealing with something like that,” said Jahn. “This is about an entire movement and not just one person.”

The photo’s appearance was seized upon by parliamentarians. “Anyone involved in politics who masquerades as Hitler is either something of an idiot, or a Nazi,” said Germany’s deputy chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel of the center-left Social Democrats.

“Anyone should think twice about whether they want to follow behind such a Pied Piper,” Gabriel added, referring to the marches that last week attracted 25,000 PEGIDA followers to the streets of Dresden. “Everyone should think about whether to walk behind such rabble-rousers.”

“The wolf has finally lost his sheep’s clothing,” said Ulla Jelpke, a member of Germany’s Left party in the Bundestag.

Bachman is being investigated by prosecutors for these alleged comments referring to immigrants as “scumbags” on Facebook. Seriously, that’s a real thing.

The media and the left is celebrating because “see, I told you he was a Nazi.” And though I am disappointed that this great man is being attacked in this way, I too am celebrating a bit because “see, I told you he was a Nazi.”

People often criticize the Daily Stormer for supporting groups which are not seen as radical enough, and my response is always that people would be surprised how many members of these groups are in fact as radical as we are, but simply using strategy to forward their agenda in such a way as it has a broader public appeal. Bachman dressing up as Hitler does not necessarily mean he is a full-Nazi, but it does indicate he has a high level of respect for Hitler.

The fact is that if people are anti-immigrant, anti-faggot, pro-freedom, pro-heritage, pro-tradition, they are necessarily also anti-Jew and pro-Hitler, whether they know it or not.  The question is simply whether or not they know the truth about Hitler.