PEGIDA Founder Under Fire for Allegedly Posing in Picture as Adolf Hitler

Daily Slave
January 21, 2015

Adolf Hitler – the man who gassed 60 trillion Jews lol.

Since nothing has worked to stop the growing anti-Islam PEGIDA movement, the Jew run media is now saying that its founder posted a picture of himself on Facebook posing as Adolf Hitler.  Yes, since Hitler gassed 60 trillion Jews to death in wooden shower rooms, this is obviously the best tactic to demonize the movement.  Simply ridiculous.

Irish Times:

Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann has come under fire for allegedly describing immigrants as “cattle” and “garbage” on Facebook and posting a picture of himself as Adolf Hitler.

Pegida supporters attacked the conversations and images as fakes.

I have no idea if this photo is real or not, but if it is real it makes me like the PEGIDA movement even more.