Pennsylvania Democrat State Rep Harasses Anti-Abortion Protesters for Being White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 8, 2019

Brian Sims, a homosexual Democrat representative for the Pennsylvania state congress, went on a rampage Tuesday outside of Planned Parenthood, where an elderly lady was praying.

He racially abused her and repeatedly talked about how white she was while attempting to film her face, saying he was going to send protesters outside of her house.

Tucker Carlson did a piece on the video Tuesday night, and interviewed a woman who had previously been racially abused and attacked for praying outside the abortion clinic.

He says he doesn’t understand why he was calling her “white.”

But I understand. Beyond the fact that homosexuals, feminists and all nonwhites just generally hate white people, protesting against abortion is an exclusively white activity.

We live in what was a formerly white society. As such, white people are the only ones with any investment in preserving the social order of this society. And that is all an anti-abortion protester is really trying to do: to preserve the traditional social and moral norms of the society.

The conservative movement has tried to frame this discussion in purely religious terms. And there is nothing fundamentally wrong with that. It is natural enough. However, this approach has proven incapable of actually dealing with the problem, since when you’re using a religious argument, you can get all twisted around through Jewish argumentative tactics.

The better position would have always been to view these things in terms of an entire society that we are trying to defend, a white European society, of which is Christianity is a part. When you have clear definitions of your society in the context of historical norms, there is no way for it to get all twisted up in Jewish ideological gibberish.

This is why anti-abortion is the last stand of implicit white identity. Because the conservatives were bullied into giving up everything else as Jews insincerely used their own Christian principles against them.

Christian conservatives lost on:

  • Feminism
  • Race
  • Prayer in schools
  • Homosexual legalization
  • Mass immigration
  • Homosexual marriage
  • Legalized marijuana
  • Trannies

They lost on abortion too. But aside from guns, abortion is the only issue they’re even willing to fight for anymore. They not only lost the battle on the above issues, but also their ability to even argue the traditional positions on these issues.

So while it might seem weird to see some rabid homosexual attacking nice Christian ladies outside of an abortion clinic and pretending he’s rebelling against the ruling elite, it actually isn’t. These people are trying to destroy the last vestiges of whiteness, and opposition to infanticide is one of the last refuges of white identity.