Pennsylvania Election: Democrat is Apparent Victor

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2018

8:56 AM EST:

It is looking like it’s over. Democrat has declared victory.


Democrat Conor Lamb is poised to deliver a stunning upset to the Republican Party in a Pennsylvania district Donald Trump handily won in 2016.

After a long night of drama, the race was too close to declare a winner. At this point, however, Republican Rick Saccone would have to overcome a significant uphill climb to overtake Lamb in the vote count.

Lamb claimed victory in a speech to his supporters Tuesday night.

“It took a little longer than we thought, but we did it,” he said. “You did it.”

Saccone, however, said he isn’t giving up.

“We are still fighting the fight. It’s not over yet,” Saccone told his supporters more than an hour earlier.

It is what it is. It demonstrates the need for the GOP and for us here in the tubes to get more serious about the mid-terms.

Furthermore, it demonstrates the reality that we cannot rely on the GOP, and there is a good chance that we are not going to hold power after Trump, and that we need to be using these Trump years to build-up our own organizations.

1:28 AM EST:

It’s after midnight and still no call.

The Hill:

Tuesday’s pivotal Pennsylvania special House election is too close to call, a disturbing sign for Republicans in what has usually been a deep-red district.

Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone are locked in a high-profile battle that won’t be decided until the early hours of Wednesdaymorning. As votes continue to trickle in, Lamb is up by 579 votes with 3,200 absentee ballots left to be counted in a district President Trumpwon by nearly 20 points in 2016.

The razor-thin margin is the latest twist in the special election for the 18th District, which opened up in October when longtime Rep. Tim Murphy (R) resigned in the face of allegations that he’d had an affair.

While early returns proved promising for Lamb, Saccone gained ground as more votes from the GOP stronghold of Westmoreland County trickled in.Lamb won 57 percent of the vote in Allegheny County, while Saccone hit the same margin in his stronghold of Westmoreland County. To Lamb’s benefit, Allegheny is the largest county in the district. But Saccone has been able to close the gap with majorities in Washington and Greene counties.

Washington County has 1,195 absentee ballots still out while CNN reported that there are 203 absentee ballots left to count in Greene County. Greene County ballots won’t be counted until Wednesday morning, but Washington County officials reversed course and announced they would count those votes as soon as possible.

Does this mean they do a do over?

I have no idea.

We’ll know in a few hours… probably.

Fingers crossed. It would be good to win.