Pennsylvania: Murderous Chimp is Sentenced to Death for Killing White Cop

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2019

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentence.

Even though we all know he only got it because he killed a precious badge fag.


Rahmael Holt on Thursday was sentenced to death for the murder of New Kensington Officer Brian Shaw.

Shaw’s brother, Steffan, didn’t want to go on camera, but read a statement after the sentencing verdict.

“This doesn’t bring Brian back but it gives us some closure and to focus on nothing but healing,” he said.

Holt was running from a traffic stop when he shot and killed Shaw while he was on duty in New Kensington in November of 2017.

Rahmael Holt and Brian Shaw.

The Jury considered three mitigating factors of Holt’s background when deliberating: lack of parental guidance, being raised in a high-crime area and the murder of his younger brother — but the jury decided the death of Shaw outweighed those factors.

Holt’s sentencing phase began Wednesday morning after he was found guilty of murdering Shaw.

Holt was found guilty of first-degree murder, first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer and two firearms violations.