People with Blue Eyes More Prone to Alcoholism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2015


In my experience, this is true.

But it’s also true other groups are pre-disposed to this as well.

Pioneer News:

Alcoholism continues to be a pervasive social problem in our country. Thus, there is always research being conducted somewhere to examine causes, effects, and other relationships of this condition and how we may be able to better treat or prevent it.

A new study, though, says that eye color may be—at least partially—responsible for alcoholic dependence.

According to lead study co-author, Arvis Sulovari, “This suggests an intriguing possibility that eye color can be useful in the clinic for alcohol dependence diagnosis.”

Furthermore, Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Dawei Li, PhD has studied psychiatric genetics for a decade. His team has built a genetic database comprised of more than 10,000 subjects, most of which of either African or European American descent and with at least one psychiatric illness; and many who have multiple diagnoses.

But how is this possible when we know that genetics don’t exist and we are all blank slates completely a product of our environments?