PewDiePie Leads White Nationalist March Through Tallinn, Estonia

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2019

Prominent Neon-Nazi YouTuber PewdiePie is back at it again, spreading HATE and terror in Tallinn.

The Swedish terrorist runs an internet army of 9-year-olds who like to promote White Supremacy and dank memes online. That they would take their terrorism to the streets is a significant acceleration in their terror campaign.

PewDiePie and his supporters have been fighting a White Supremacist battle against the Indian “T-Series” channel, which is dangerously close to surpassing PewDiePie in total sub count on YouTube.

In response, PewDiePie decided to use Neon-Nazi terror tactics to stay ahead of T-Series and keep the brown man down.

The PewDiePie/T-Series Internet feud is a no-holds-barred RACE WAR.

From Wikipedia page “PewDiePie vs T-Series”:

The rivalry between PewDiePie and T-Series got more attention in India after controversial actions by PewDiePie and his fans. PewDiePie’s “Bitch Lasagna” diss track contained lyrics about Indian people that some Indians found offensive, including references to practices of open defecation and poor conduct of English language common in India.

Many of PewDiePie’s fans have engaged in negatively spamming and trolling the T-Series channel, which included swarming T-Series’ videos with PewDiePie-related comments, leaving dislikes on their videos, and flagging their videos with false reports. A number of PewDiePie’s fans and supporters have also been making anti-Indian remarks and using racial slurs. This has led to several independent Indian YouTubers announcing their opposition to PewDiePie and support for T-Series.

And there you have it.

Proof positive that this is serious stuff, folks. Pictures from PewDiePie’s march:

Say what you will about his message of HATE and terror, but this is peak optics.

On a more series note, it appears that just opposing a shitty Indian Bollywood channel is enough to get you called a racist and a Nazi.

I feel bad for Felix.

The media (and Wikipedia, apparently) was going to smear him as a White Supremacist no matter what he did. Being White and not actively being anti-White is enough for them to start the media Holocaust against you.

Luckily, his 9-year-old army is standing by him and learning just how much the media lies. Going after PewDiePie was a big mistake.

If he keeps holding these marches, he’ll become Fuhrer some day.

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