PewDiePie Still Under Attack for His Racist Hatred of Disgusting Jews

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2018

Basically the entire internet rallied behind PewDiePie in his epic struggle against the vile Indian race, championed by the Bollywood music channel T-Series, and his ultimate victory has confirmed the supremacy of the Aryan Master Race.

His remains the number one channel on YouTube. And always will be so.

Following this legendary victory, it’s not surprising that Jews, who hate Pewds for his superior Aryan genetics, would attack him.

We’ve already reported about their whining when he endorsed an “adult night” anime review channel, E;R.

Now our favorite Buzzfeed reporter, Blockhead Joe, is continuing the attack over something even more ridiculous.

It’s because of this kind of crap that you’ll never work for the New York Times, Joe.

Yes, that’s the same Joe Bernstein that whined to Adult Swim to have Sam Hyde’s World Peace cancelled.

The same Joe Bernstein who whined to have our chatroom closed down (which ended up being a blessing in disguise, though that is beside the point).

This rat is just constantly looking around for more things to whine about and shut down.


In any case, PewDiePie has become unstoppable. He’s a living meme, and a force of nature that none may oppose. His great battle against the nation of India has forced basically every other YouTuber to pledge their loyalty to his cause and rally behind his struggle for supremacy over the brown masses.

He makes race war look so easy. It’s not though. It’s just a general’s duty to inspire confidence in his men by never showing weakness. 

Every attack the Jews and their journalist underlings have mustered has eventually fizzled out and left him stronger and more popular than ever.

At this point, I suspect that Pewds is intentionally leaving subtle baits in his videos in order to trigger kikes into attacking him, making them look stupid in the process.

So I’m not even mad about Blockhead Joe’s latest antics.

What I am mad about, though, is Sseth’s great betrayal. He sided with India in the YouTube civil war, for a mere 35,000 rupees.

Sseth’s channel has always had the best video game reviews, and this comes as quite a shock.

Yeah, Factorio is a really good game.

All kidding aside, both E;R, which PewDiePie promoted, and Sseth, are doing great work, weaving funny “adult night” memes into video game and anime reviews. Both channels are highly recommended.