PewDiePie’s Subreddit Shut Down Because a Meme Shooter Said His Name

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2019

New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant was the first ironic mass shooter in modern history. His manifesto was mostly memes. He went to what he thought was his possible death with a smile on his face and a “Subscribe to PewDiePie!” on his lips.

Seriously, this shooting was a game-changer.

It made RaHoWa seem laid back and chill and not tryhard or cringe. The camera-work and soundtrack made the whole experience seem like a video game.

Speaking of video games, PewDiePie’s subreddit is shut ;_;

That means that by my reckoning, at least one innocent person was harmed because of this very preventable tragedy.

PewDiePie is going to be under immense pressure to quit, apologize or possibly do both. 

And I wonder how legions of zoomers are going to feel about their favorite YouTuber being hounded by blue check marks and the mainstream media again for something that he objectively had no control over and is literally 100% blameless for.

I don’t have to be coy about it, I’ll just tell you right now: they’re going to be intensely resentful. 

Most of the mainstream media, the blue check mark brigade on Twitter and the out of touch Boomers are playing right into the hands of the NZ shooter who stated in his manifesto that he wanted to add fuel to the fire of the culture war.

Say what you will about him, but Brenton understood how the media works and how quickly the idiots on Twitter would snap up the bait that he laid out. Now PewDiePie’s mostly apolitical young fan base is forced to face the truth of a dishonest, incompetent and malicious media who is gunning non-stop for their favorite funny video man.

It sucks that PewDiePie is caught up in the middle of all this, but then it is all undeniably quite funny and we can’t go around pretending that it’s not lol.

Ideally, he should do a meme review of the spiciest memes to come out of this shooting.

Barring that, he should just ignore the media and keep carrying on as if nothing happened.

Apologies are weak and lame… especially when you’re clearly the victim of the world’s first troll mass shooter and the media won’t let up on you no matter what you do.

Most importantly though:

Felix strikes me as a sensitive guy who is legit spooked by all of this and who might start panicking.

Relax and breath, my man. 

In a strange way, this was 100% bound to happen. This alternative timeline is taking us places, bro. You’re basically bound to become the leader of an underage Aryan Freedom Fighter network before this is all over, Felix.

It’s completely obvious at this point, I wouldn’t try to even fight it.