Philadelphia: African NRA Members Probably Inspired by 8chan Shoot the Cops!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2019

It’s happening again.

We must crack down on white supremacy before more people have to die.

We have to arrest white people for their beliefs.


At least six officers have been shot after a gunman opened fire at law enforcement in Philadelphia. One suspect is barricaded in one of the houses and continues shooting, and another has reportedly been taken into custody.

The incident began unfolding at 4.30 pm local time in Nicetown-Tioga section of the city, when police responded to a call related to “narcotics activity,” according to Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew.

One of the officers suffered a gunshot wound to his head, but remains conscious. Two other officers suffered arm injuries. All of the them were released from hospitals later that evening.

In a separate incident, a seventh police officer was injured in a traffic accident when rushing to the scene. A pedestrian was injured in the collision as well.

One suspect has been taken into custody, NBC reported citing police. Video footage from the site showed police carrying a resisting man.

Another suspect fled the scene, barricaded in a nearby property and continued shooting. The shooter was apparently livestreaming the showdown on Facebook, police officers were heard saying on the scanner.

The shooter has been tentatively identified as Maurice Hill, 36, a local man with a vast criminal record that includes illegal possession of firearms and drug offenses, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, citing police sources.Hill’s involvement in the incident has been confirmed by his lawyer, Shaka Mzee Johnson, who said that Hill requested his presence at the scene. Johnson did not specify what role his client had played in the incident, or whether he was the one firing rounds at police.Hill is well-known to law enforcement, having been nabbed about a dozen times since coming of age in 2001. In 2008, he pleaded guilty to illegally possessing a Smith & Wesson .357 and a Taurus PT .45 semiautomatic pistol, which he was barred from obtaining due to his previous criminal convictions.

Police are trying to reach out to the attacker, but all attempts so far have been unsuccessful, with the shooter continuing to fire through the windows, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross told a press conference.

Ross confirmed the reports that two officers were trapped inside the building with the shooter, speaking of a “potential hostage situation.”

The crisis unraveled when officers attempted to serve an arrest warrant , prompting the suspect to open fire and forcing officers, who already entered the building, to scramble to safety fleeing through windows and doors.

At about 9.20 local time, some five hours after the standoff began, the trapped officers and the suspects they had apprehended on the second floor of the building were evacuated to safety.

Maurice Hill posted a manifesto on 8chan before the attack declaring that white people are supreme.

Actually, that was a misprint. He didn’t actually post a manifesto on 8chan. But I’m not issuing a retraction, because I stand by my reporting that he did that.

The mystery of Maurice Hill’s shooting may never be solved, but what we do know is that he displays all of the classic signs of white supremacy. It is believed that he is a follower of the white supremacist terrorist leader “Hot Wheels.”

This is why we have to take white people’s guns from them.

Their ideology of pure hatred is dangerous, and they will kill all of us.

The NRA must pay for this crime.

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