Philly: Coonhunt for Two Pavement Apes That Broke Into Home and Attacked 89-Year-Old Woman

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2019

As you can see, I wasn’t exaggerating when I called them “pavement apes.”

The one on the right in particular looks like he’d find walking far easier if he used his knuckles for extra support.


The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying two men wanted in connection to a home invasion that left an 89-year-old woman seriously injured.

According to authorities, it happened just after 1:30 a.m. Tuesday at a home on the 4100 block of Frostoffer Avenue in Pennsauken.

Jim Rivel, the victim’s husband, told Action News that he was upstairs in his bedroom and didn’t hear anything when two men broke into his home and attacked his wife who was downstairs at the time.

Rivel said he is hard of hearing and had the air conditioner running.

“They grabbed a hold of my wife. My wife tried to run away, they held a knife to her throat,” said Rivel. “She tried to run away up the steps where I was, but they caught her and threw her down and broke her hip.”

The victim’s daughter said her mother was taken to the hospital where she underwent surgery on her hip. Rivel said the men cut through the screen of his front door to gain access to the home. The main door was open.

Cheryl Dancy said she can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt her neighbor who she described as sweet. Thinking it may have been a random invasion, Dancy is being more vigilant.

“I thought this neighborhood was pretty safe, so it’s kind of shocking to us. We’re kind of afraid,” said Dancy.

No photo of the female victim, but her husband is white so it’s a pretty safe assumption that she also is.