Philly Police Introduce Exciting New Trans Promotion Policy!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2019

Our boys in blue won’t be referred to as “boys” anymore! And we’ll have to do away with blue – it’s now blue and pink!

State-Enforced Homosexuality was a funny meme, but it had nothing on what Clown World actually had in store for us: State-Enforced Trannies and State-Enforced Pedophilia.

NBC News:

A new policy adopted by the Philadelphia Police Department outlines how officers should interact with transgender and nonbinary individuals.

Under Directive 4.15, announced Tuesday, officers are required to record a person’s chosen name and pronouns, regardless of the information on their identification. Officers are also instructed to transport and house transgender people who are in custody separately from other incarcerated people “whenever possible” as well as allow trans people to express their preference for the gender of the officer who searches them.

Transgender and nonbinary people “have historically faced humiliating, hurtful treatment during their interactions with law enforcement,” a statement released by the city of Philadelphia said. “The new PPD policy aims to provide clear instructions to personnel in order to prevent such incidents in Philadelphia.”

You know, the one thing that I hadn’t considered when analyzing the whole cop situation was the very distinct possibility that the police are completely infiltrated by homosexuals. The police chief in the pic above looks like a straight-up tranny.

Here, look again:

Very androgynous. Very disrespectful.

This probably isn’t talked about a lot, but there has been a serious trend in the West of police officers coming out as gay.

“Why is this occurring?” you might ask.

Well, it is because gays infiltrate any organization where there are a lot of straight and manly men because that’s who they are attracted to.

The Police, the frats, the secret societies, the Navy and any nascent right-wing movement for that matter is filled to the brim with homos nowadays because they do not actively discriminate and root out the homos when they find them.

All of civil society and the government has been infiltrated by the Gay Mafia.

And all of it will be laid bare(back) in my new book, “On the Faggots and Their Lies,” which I’m finishing up atm. Until then, it’s worth considering the police a hostile organization run by faggots and boot-licking cucks until further notice.

Though Philadelphia’s transgender policy marks progress, Gillian Bransetter, a spokesperson for the National Center for Transgender Equality, said in an emailed statement that the police must continue to work to “heal the mistrust between law enforcement and minority communities, including the transgender community.”

According to NCTE’s 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, 58 percent of transgender people who interacted with police in the previous year reported that they were mistreated and faced verbal harassment, misgendering, physical assault and/or sexual assault. More than half of the survey’s transgender respondents said they would be afraid to ask the police for help.

The problem will never be solved because the problem is not supposed to be solved.

These people will never stop pushing. It just remains to be seen if they’ll ever experience any pushback.