Piping Hot Take: Trump’s Tariffs Are the Most Effective Environmental Measure Ever

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2018

Poor Earth-chan. What have these chinks done to you?

We often remind people about how the global warming theory is a hoax, and is only used to pressure White countries to de-industrialize.

But of course, that doesn’t mean we oppose environmentalism as a whole. In fact, I think most nationalists are very concerned about keeping the planet as clean as possible. It’s just that we prefer to focus on realistic, obvious things that could be done immediately, rather than abstract theories that only serve to destroy our nations economically.

If you honestly wanted to reduce the earth’s pollution levels, how would you do it? The first step would be to ask the question: “what are the world’s biggest sources of pollution?”

Is it American cars? Is it plastic bags? Is it oil spills?


It’s Chinese industry.

This is some crazy shit.

By a long shot.

China is the world’s most polluted country – and it’s spilling onto the rest of us.

Every Western country has stringent environmental protection laws governing manufacturing. In fact, those are probably the main reason that making things in America is more expensive than outsourcing them to third-world shitholes. With modern automation, labor costs are an insignificant portion of overall production costs, and the difference in salaries is probably not enough to outweigh the cost of transporting goods to the other side of the planet.

Do you have any idea how much it costs to get one of these things from China to America? The fuel alone is in the millions.

In other words, China as well as other countries are undercutting America manufacturing by destroying the earth, air and ocean at an absurd pace.

Forget about CO2 – Chinese coal plants pollute the air with all sorts of other crap – unlike our own high-tech plants.

Where am I going with this?

One of the points on which the more “enlightened” leftists are attacking Trump is his attitude on environmentalism. More specifically, they cry about his promise to open up coal power plants.

In fact, even if you accept the premise that coal plants are somehow bad for the environment, this pales in comparison to anything done by China and other “developing” countries.

Around a Chink, don’t you blink.

As such, anything that would slow down Chinese industrialization and transfer it to Western countries, where manufacturing is done in more sensible and clean ways, would have a huge impact on global pollution levels.

And this is obviously going to be the result of Trump’s tariffs on China. Things will be manufactured here, instead of China.

Not only will that, but tariffs also mean things are produced locally. That means no more long range transport of goods by sea and air. You’d think people who whine about CO2 would be thrilled.

Apparently not. Being a small-brained nigga is incompatible with true environmentalism.

My point here is that Trump’s tariff program is probably the one policy which has the greatest potential for curbing world production of pollution – bar none.

And this, while greatly increasing the welfare of the average American, and improving our power and influence on the world stage. Quite unlike stupid “carbon tax” schemes, which would wipe us out completely and have no real overall impact.

Just throwing that out there.

But Trump would be smart to start pushing this fact to shut up some of his critics – it’d be great to see the mainstream media somehow try to debunk or write off the fact that China is the world’s top polluter.