Poland: Court Overturns Nationalist March Ban! March Will Happen!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2018

It looked for a minute there like the march wouldn’t happen.

But the march is happening.


Government officials have agreed to conduct a joint march with far-right organizations to commemorate Poland’s Independence Day, raising concerns that the ruling Law and Justice party is legitimizing fascist viewpoints.

Since 2009, the celebration of Polish Independence Day has become a rallying point for far-right organizations from all over Europe, some of which openly describe themselves as fascists or Nazis. This year marks the centenary of the country’s independence, an occasion which is expected to draw massive crowds.

Last year, the march attracted 60,000 people, making it the largest far-right gathering in the world. The event included explicitly white supremacist symbols and banners with slogans such as “White Europe” and “Refugees get out!” The rally was cited in a European Parliament resolution that encouraged member states to crack down on far-right groups, but the leadership of Poland seem to have other plans.

There was a last-minute attempt by the mayor of Warsaw to ban the march, but a court overturned his decision and allowed the event to go ahead – despite the fact that months of negotiations had failed to result in any agreement on key arguments between the state and representatives of the rally.

The final negotiations took place late on Friday night. The demonstrators were represented by Robert Bakiewicz of the National Radical Camp, an anti-Semitic group that traces its roots to an organization from the 1930s founded on the principles of Italian fascism.

The Polish leadership not only backtracked on its earlier position that the march could only take place if no banners were displayed, but now both the president and prime minister agreed to actually participate in the march.

That is awesome.

Of course, the fact of the matter remains that Poland is only allowed by the international Jew to do such marches because they are anti-Russia and pro-NATO.

But we can put that aside for a bit, and just bask in the glory of tens of thousands of white men marching for Jesus Christ and a white Europe.

I’m going to see if the Nigerian authorities will provide me an escort to attend. This is going to be the biggest one yet.

I just want to know what it feels like, to be inside of that kind of energy.

Here’s some footage from last year’s march.