Poland: Cuck Leader Does Sick Ritual Praising Evil Kikes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2018

So the filthy Jews are putting their greasy hands in Polish matters on an issue that doesn’t even directly relate to Jews: they are putting through a law that makes it illegal to blame Polish people for the Holocaust.

The Jews are freaking out, saying that all goyim are to blame for the Holocaust.

I of course do not believe the Holocaust happened. I also think it should have happened, and if it had happened, anyone involved should have statues built in their honor.

That said, I am against all forms of speech restriction. Certainly, if someone wants to attack Poles over some alleged historical act, they should be allowed to do so.

But let’s put this in context: the Jews themselves invented the idea of laws against asking questions about history. No one ever even imagined such a concept until the Jews figured out that if people were allowed to “deny” the Holocaust, the information showing that it didn’t happen would become widely available and no one would believe this goofy nonsense.

So what Poland is doing is using the Jews own method for their own purposes. And that is what the Jews are really mad about. Just as they don’t believe anyone but them should be allowed to have a racially pure state, they don’t believe that anyone but them should be allowed to use their devious and tricky methods to promote their own agenda.

So this cucked leader of Poland, in the midst of trying to pass this law and being attacked by Jews, has engaged in a sick ritual for the Jews to try to get them off of his back.

Fox News:

Poland’s prime minister is paying tribute to Jews murdered by Nazi Germany and to the Poles who risked their lives or died helping Jews during the brutal occupation of World War II.

Mateusz Morawiecki lit a candle and appeared to pray before a plaque outside the Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in the southern Polish village of Markowa. He then visited the museum, which is devoted to the Polish Christian wartime helpers.

Because this is where you get yourself when you try to play by the rules of the Jews: on the ground, begging them to allow you to do what they themselves do.

Fuck that.

What the Poles should do – and would do, if their government had a spine – is remove their own “Holocaust denial” laws that were forced on them by the Jews in 1998 (when people first started examining the alleged evidence for the alleged “lampshades and soap” event claimed by Jews to have occurred).

If you remove the laws against denial and allow free inquiry – including allowing scientists to examine the supposed gas chambers and alleged mass graves, all of which are in Poland and none of which have been examined in any serious way to try to prove the claims of the lying Jews – then you don’t have to have laws against blaming Poles for the Holocaust.

Because if no Holocaust occurred, then hey – no one can be blamed for it!

Instead, the blame would fall on the evil, lying kikes for inventing this ridiculous hoax and using it to defame the entire white race and to suck money out of us.

The Holocaust is the boot on the throat of the white race, and we will not be free as long as we play this game with these hoaxing Yiddish villains.

Continue, my friends, to spread the truth.

The Holocaust is a vicious and defamatory lie designed to injure the white race. It is the basis for the entire program of white genocide. Because we are told to operate under the assumption that if white people are allowed to have nationalism, they will immediately begin shoving innocent kikes into fake shower room gas chambers. Or steam chambers. Or electric floor chambers. Or whatever.

We as a race have been convicted of a nonsense crime, and we need to overturn that conviction with the truth.