Poland: Tens of Thousands Participate in Nationalist March

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2017

The fire rises!

The tide of nationalism is rising everywhere in the West.

And it seems particularly high in places like Poland and Hungary. I can just picture Jews quaking in their seats as they see tens of thousands of White people marching in the streets, opposing their sick globalist agenda.

When politicians see those kinds of displays, it makes them think twice before allowing infinity refugees in the country.

Hopefully, we’ll start seeing that kind of fervor in America soon as well.


Tens of thousands of people joined a nationalist march in Warsaw on Saturday, organised to coincide with Poland’s independence day.

Marchers chanted religious slogans such as “God, honour, country” and some called out racist chants including “Pure Poland, white Poland”.

An “anti-fascist” counter-protest attracted about 2,000 people.

Police estimated that 60,000 people took part in the main march.

Imagine being an “anti-fascist” and ending up protesting basically the rest of the country.

That’s a crowd primed up for a pogrom if I ever saw one.

Any ordinary Pole will immediately understand that “anti-fascists” are really just anti-Polish activists. How else could you interpret protesting against people carrying Polish flags?

That’s why adopting the mantle of American nationalism is so powerful. It immediately reveals your enemies as the evil subversives that they are.

It attracted far-right agitators from elsewhere in Europe, including Tommy Robinson from the UK and Roberto Fiore from Italy.

Kamil Staszalek, 30, said he was there to “honour the memory of those who fought for Poland’s freedom”.

“I’d say some people here do have extreme views, maybe even 30% of those marching, but 70% are simply walking peacefully, without shouting any fascist slogans,” he told the AFP news agency.

Supporters of the country’s governing conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party took part in the annual march, which takes place alongside other events.

Poland’s interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak called the event a “beautiful sight”.

We are proud that so many Poles have decided to take part in a celebration connected to the Independence Day holiday,” he said.

Even the mainstream politicians give open support to the march. What a difference from what we have here.

America: where even the “conservatives” are basically antifa.

Andy Eddles, a British language teacher who has been living in Poland for 27 years, said he was “shocked that they’re allowed to demonstrate on this day“.

A British woman is “shocked” that Poles are allowed to celebrate their heritage on the national holiday.

Britcucks: not even once.

Marching on British National Day is probably illegal now in the senile nation of Great Britain.

Technically, marching like this isn’t really meant to influence policy or change public opinion. Rather, it’s a display of power from the nationalists. It clearly shows to normies that nationalists are the strongest faction, and that antifa and other anti-Polish elements are a weak, fringe part of society, to be scorned and shunned.

It’s a very encouraging sight.

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