Police Arrest Silverback Who Robbed, Injured 80-Year-Old White Woman

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2018

Jamie Harris.

This 80-year-old woman was fortunate that her attacker was only interested in her purse.

Many other blacks would have viewed someone of her age as a prime sexual conquest.


A man was arrested and accused of knocking down an 80-year-old woman to steal her purse while she was leaving physical therapy on Randolph Road.

Jamie Harris used the woman’s credit card in south Charlotte, police said.

Elizabeth Malcolm had injuries to her face from the fall.

She celebrated going from a walker to a cane Monday, moments before she got dragged down face first onto a curb.

“Had I seen him coming toward me, had I noticed that he was intent on that, he would have gotten this cane right in his snout,” Malcolm said Tuesday laughing. “Right in his face.”

Malcolm believes he targeted her at Orthocarolina.

She noticed him in the parking lot as she left her appointment around noon but thought he was going inside.

“Someone came rushing from behind me very, very fast, grabbed the purse handle and dragged me along with the purse,” Malcolm said. “I hit full face onto the curb, and I fractured a bone in my left cheekbone.”

Malcolm remembered several people running to help her.

“I was screaming pretty loudly,” she said. “I got a pretty good scream.”

Doctors told Malcolm she’s lucky to still see out of her left eye, but she’ll need to see a surgeon about her broken cheekbone.

The assailant got away with her keys and credit cards, which have already generated some leads for police.

There have been no arrests.

Elizabeth Malcolm.