Police Report on Las Vegas Shooting Massacre Fails to Provide Motive

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2018

After roughly ten months of waiting, Las Vegas police released their investigative report on last year’s shooting massacre. In case you don’t recall the specifics, 58 people were shot dead and many others injured when gunfire rained down on concert goers from the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Shortly after the incident, it was declared that a man named Stephen Paddock was solely responsible. It was said that he shot hundreds of people on his own with the aid of a bump stock accessory and later committed suicide as police closed in on him.

This new report not only confirms the lone gunman angle but fails to provide any motive or explanation describing why he would do this.

Las Vegas Review Journal:

Las Vegas police concluded their investigation into the Oct. 1 shooting with no clear idea of why the gunman murdered 58 people and wounded hundreds more.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo on Friday released the Metropolitan Police Department’s final report on the attack but said investigators were not able to determine a motive for the deadliest random shooting in modern U.S. history.

“What we have been able to answer are the questions of who, what, when, where and how,” Lombardo said at a Friday news briefing. “What we have not been able to definitively answer is the ‘why’ Stephen Paddock committed this act.”

Paddock, 64, opened fire with high-powered rifles on concertgoers attending the Route 91 Harvest country music festival from his 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay suite shortly after 10 p.m. He fitted the rifles with devices known as bump stocks so they would fire sustained bursts like automatic weapons.

The report released Friday included a comprehensive tally of those killed and wounded. Investigators identified 869 people with documented physical injuries, including 413 wounded by bullets or shrapnel.

The fact that they were not able to determine a motive, raises serious questions about this entire story. A person does not just decide to randomly shoot hundreds of people for no specific reason. It’s even harder to understand why they could not provide a motive after ten months of investigating. Establishing a motive is key for prosecutors proving someone’s guilt inside a court. With no motive, it raises doubts that Paddock did this on his own. It does however make sense if this story about Paddock is just a cover story for something more sinister.

If Stephen Paddock really did shoot all those people as is being claimed by the police, it is quite hard to believe that they were unable to determine a motive.

The FBI is expected to issue their own report on what happened a couple of months from now. Unfortunately, their track record is so poor, there’s no reason to believe that we’ll learn anything new when it’s released. It will likely be a report that reinforces the same narrative that we’ve already been given about Paddock.

Compare how this case was handled to the events of September 11th, 2001. The media somehow knew that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the attacks that very same day. They went on to provide a variety of reasons as to why he did 9/11 like it was part of some movie script. The zany narrative was immediately backed up by people in the government and a month later the invasion of Afghanistan began. They were curiously able to provide a culprit and a motive in very short order.

There’s numerous other cases of the media and the government teaming together to provide a culprit and a motive to explain why a bad thing occurred. Usually, the explanation is designed to justify some type of larger agenda. But in this particular situation, it took them ten months just to tell us that they have no idea why this man decided to shoot all those people. It’s like we are always given one extreme or the other with neither of the extremes being believable.

Not surprisingly, people are questioning the accuracy of the police report. Comment sections under articles and videos dealing with this story are filled with people talking about conspiracies and cover ups.

And not to go off on a tangent, but what the hell is up with MGM the owner of Mandalay Bay suing the victims of this incident? There’s just an overabundance of weird stuff surrounding this event.

The people have every right to be skeptical about the official story. It’s comical to see the police issuing a final report and saying that the case is closed without explaining why this happened. Nonsense like this is why people have totally lost faith in all government institutions.