Police Twitter Bots Will Predict Where Crime Will Take Place After Brexit Deadline Day

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2019

The internet also has surveillance cameras.

Police in the United Kingdom are going to use artificial intelligence to hunt down the evil and hateful bigots that haven’t accepted the fact that they should just die and let browns and blacks take their places.

Coincidentally, chances are the hateful bigots belong to the same group of people responsible for the creation of artificial intelligence.

Daily Mail:

Police are set to launch Twitter bots that will predict where hate crimes will take place after Brexit deadline day.

The trial of artificial intelligence, due to be launched from October 31, will be the first of its kind in the UK.

The system will work by recognising posts on Twitter that are deemed to be hateful or antagonistic on the topics of religion, ethnicity or race.

It will then pinpoint the location where the tweets were made from to provide aggregate trends in tensions over time and space.

The technology was developed at Cardiff University.

Researchers there have proved that an increase in hateful tweets from one area of the country correlates to an increase in the number of religiously or racially aggravated crimes in that area.

Professor Matthew Williams from the university said that the system will first be trialled by the National Police Chief Council.

‘Brexit is one of our test cases to see if hate speech will spike.

‘There has been talk of riots on the streets, and there is an expectation that tensions will bubble up around that date,’ he said speaking to the Sunday Telegraph.

The Twitter bots are part of the HateLab which is currently financially supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, UK Research and Innovation and the US Department of Justice and has received £1,726,841 total funding over five ongoing projects.

After pinpointing the Location of Hate, the police will have enough material to make informed decisions about which places should receive the next batch of enriching diversity to help dilute all of the bigotry.

This is the way things are in current year.

Artificial intelligence bots will patrol social media in search of wrong-thinkers.

Creations will hunt their creators.

People writing their thoughts on social media will teach artificial intelligence programs how to be better at hunting dissidents. Once technology to read your thoughts straight from your mind is ready, not even staying off the internet will help.


If Silicon Valley were to put a team of tech bros together on a project to merge computers and people, the lineup wouldn’t be complete without car and rocket man Elon Musk and the Valley’s most dubious robot, Mark Zuckerberg.

In all fairness, Musk has already proposed a plan to make an actual chip which is meant to be inserted into human brains. (It will be designed with taste and wireless cleanliness so you “have no wires poking out of your head,” as Musk assured.) Zuckerberg has said he’s interested in the idea of computer-human integration, too, but will approach it differently than Musk.

At a recent internal employee Q&A session, the Facebook CEO hinted that such technology could see promising use cases in Facebook’s future augmented reality and virtual reality products.

“Brain-computer interface is an exciting idea,” Zuckerberg told employees, according to a meeting transcript leaked earlier this month. “The field quickly branches into two approaches: invasive and non-invasive… We’re more focused on—I think completely focused on non-invasive.”

Non-invasive is like, you wear a band or glasses, you shine an optical light and get a sense of blood flow in certain areas of the brain,” he explained.

They’ll soon be able to read your thoughts in a “non-invasive” way.

Enjoy your last days of mind-privacy.

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