Politico Journalist Claims That Richard Spencer Snitched on Lulzy Identity Europa Prank

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2018

A Politico Antifa journalist by the name of Ben Schreckinger is claiming that Richard Spencer snitched to him about a prank that white identitarian group Identity Europa’s leader Patrick Casey was running.

As Antifa journalists are want to do, Schreckinger was harassing the White House after Casey attended a public event last month and posted images of himself looking sharp outside the President’s residence.

Casey then DM’d the idiot journalist – these people are literally drooling retards that will believe anything because they actually believe their own lies about a vast Trump-Nazi-Putin plot – that a Russian agent had arranged special White House access for him.

And after going to a fake meetup, the journalist posted about the conversation on his Twitter.

Very funny. And it was poised to get funnier.

Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL went along with it and CNN’s Jake Tapper retweeted multiple people talking about it.

Casey was playing this guy the right way, and was on his way to getting a Politico article published claiming that Putin is working with Trump to give white supremacists special access to the White House.

That story would have then fallen apart completely, and the media would once again have been exposed as hysterical lunatics who are completely disconnected from any form of normal human reality.

Unfortunately, the next Tweet from Schreckinger was a discovery that he was being trolled – something that he attributed to Richard Spencer, who he apparently contacted to ask about Casey’s claim.

Spencer also insulted Casey, according to Schreckinger.

Schreckinger’s final tweet on the matter was a concession that no story would be written about Casey’s claims, apparently due to the statements from Spencer.

I am certainly not a person to take journalists at their word. These people lie more than taxi drivers. So I would certainly believe Richard Spencer over Ben Schreckinger if Spencer were to come out and claim that Schreckinger is lying about these communications, and he did not snitch to the Jewish media in order to thwart a very funny troll by a pro-white activist.

However, these tweets are from four days ago, and Spencer has not come out and claimed that Schreckinger is lying. It is possible that he has not heard about these tweets, of course.

I must say though that if it is true that Richard Spencer snitched to the Jewish media to thwart a funny prank by Identity Europa, that is extremely inappropriate behavior which demonstrates a willingness to hurt the agenda of the pro-white movement.

If Ben Schreckinger had contacted me about this, I would have said: “There have been rumors of collaboration between IE and the Russians ever since Casey took control of the group. I have personally stayed away from them because the last thing I want is to be classified as a foreign agent. I personally have no knowledge of whether or not Casey has Russian connections, or whether or not he’s used those connections to gain access to Trump’s inner-circle. I just know I don’t want anything to do with any of it.”

This would have resulted in a Politico article outlining the conspiracy and potentially have led to an entire new cycle about the hoax, and it would have been great fun.

It still ended up being funny, of course.

But it could have been huge.

I understand that Richard is having personal problems. He has a problematic divorce situation, and I have 100% sympathy for any man being forced through that ringer. No man deserves that. But I do hope that Richard is not allowing these personal issues to cause him to engage in destructive behavior that harms our agenda.

IE are great guys who do great work, and they don’t deserve to be snitched on to the Jewish media when they are trying to do something for the cause. In fact, no one deserves to be snitched on to the Jewish media, ever. That is something that should always be considered completely and totally out of bounds.

The very last thing that we need is to have people on our team using the Jewish media as a weapon against other people on our team.

Again, I hope that the truth of the matter is simply that Ben Schreckinger lied about the communications with Spencer, and Spencer will come out and confirm this. If that is the case, it will be a great relief to me, and this can simply be used as a learning experience.

If Spencer is on a path where he has decided to use the method of snitching to the Jewish media as a means to harm pro-white activism, then I hope that the people around him will intervene and dissuade him from this terrible and destructive course.

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