Poll: Most Italians Support Racist Acts

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2019

Il Duce would be proud.

It seems that even after that old Jew bitch demanded for all the Italians’ freedoms to be taken away, the spirit of the people hasn’t waned. The Italians are more in favor of racism than ever before.

The Guardian:

More than half of the Italians surveyed in a recent poll have said that racist acts were either sometimes or always “justifiable”, a finding that comes after a series of high-profile racist and antisemitic incidents across the country.

The polling firm, SWG, questioned a sample of 1,500 people of whom 10% said racist acts were always justified and a further 45% who said racist acts could be acceptable depending on the situation.

That’s hardcore. Even I wouldn’t exactly say that racist acts are “always” justified. That means 10% of the entire country of Italy is way more based than me – and I’m known as an evil hater of the skin.

10% of Italians are cool with this, I guess.

Meanwhile, 45% of Italians are cucked, Stormer-tier moderates who think that maybe sometimes racist acts aren’t totally appropriate.

Then you have the supposed remaining 45% who believe in Swedism.

The remaining 45% said racist acts of any kind were completely unacceptable.

With the recent migrant crisis, that’s probably just mostly foreigners.

It’s safe to say that the overwhelming majority of Italians support racism.

SWG conducts the same survey once a year and for the first time in a decade the majority of those questioned did not condemn racism outright.

“What this means is that there has been a relaxation in attitudes towards racism – not necessarily that people have become racist, more that they are becoming more accepting of racist acts and do not consider them so scandalous,” said Enzo Risso, scientific director at SWG.

He added that the change in attitude was partly due to the proliferation of online hate speech.

We can say anything about anyone and are becoming more used to it,” said Risso. “This is a bad sign from a civic point of view. It’s not only in Italy … what we’re seeing in other countries too is a sort of adaptation towards the worst.”

It turns out that when people are allowed to speak their minds freely, everyone realizes that they’re not alone in the feeling that being flooded with hostile brown people is not a good development.

Funny how that works.

On Monday night, thousands of Italians converged in the rain at Milan’s central station in support of Liliana Segre, a Holocaust survivor who was last week assigned a police escort after a surge in the number of online threats, many against her life, she receives from far-right extremists.

Segre, a senator for life, gets an average 200 online threats a day and the situation worsened after her proposal to establish a commission to combat racism, antisemitism and incitement to hatred was passed by the government. All parties backed the proposal apart from the far-right League, its smaller ally, Brothers of Italy, and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

The League didn’t abandon the people on this one, at least.

No surprises there.

It still seems as though Italy is the most radicalized country in Europe, in regards to their hardening attitudes towards the non-White invasion. Salvini’s Lega is currently the leader of the opposition. With most real Italians embracing their hatred of foreign invaders (who, thankfully, don’t yet have the right to vote), we can hope that Lega and other real nationalist parties will continue to expand their foothold on Italian politics.