Pompeo Says Caravan is Organized by “Outside Forces”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

Wow, Pompeo going HARD.

Gotta give it to him.

He is in Mexico presently and in a Voice of America interview said of the caravan:

Q: “President Trump has said, and I’m sure, I mean I suspect, the Mexican government authorities brought it up with you, is that if they come up to the United States is that two things, one is that they close the border and consider sending military to the border. Did they bring that up with you?”

Pompeo: “We talked about a whole wide range of alternatives. Alternatives that the Mexican government could take, that the northern triangle countries could take, and certain ones that the United States could take. We are optimistic, we are watching what’s taking paces with these caravans, which by the way are not organic, are being created by outside forces and supported by them. And working diligently to make sure these people understand that it is not in their best interest to try and make this trip up to the United States southern border.”

We of course already know this.

We knew it before we saw the truck with the Jew star on it.

Here’s the video, in case anyone thinks that’s shooped.

We’ve seen the video of them getting cash.

Mexico is letting all these slobs through – so they must be getting paid by someone too. Otherwise, the default would be to defer to Trump, who will kill new NAFTA if they don’t stop this.

(Note they’ve all got children with them, because the deletion of the separation policy means that a child is a free entry ticket.)

The New York Times has had to come out and explicitly claim that it isn’t Jew George Soros funding these rats.

I have no idea if it’s George Soros, but it’s some Jew – we’ve seen the truck.

This is an attempt to put Trump between a rock and a hard place.

The caravan is scheduled to show up like, right before the election. Calling that a coincidence is totally insane on the face of it, then you have cash handouts and Jew trucks – come on. Who’s kidding who here?

If Mexico doesn’t stop this – and there is still a chance they might – but if they don’t, Trump is either going to have to do nothing, and look so, so weak, or he is going to have to send the military, then the Democrats can frame him as a psychopathic authoritarian madman.

But I don’t think the latter will work. I think this is another dumb move that will blow up in the face of the Democrats – just like the Kavanaugh rapist witch hunt did. If Trump sends in the military, he’s going to energize the base as much as they possibly could be energized.

There is a chance it might also energize Democrats – I don’t know. I don’t think it will energize the blacks. And I think the Democrats have reached maximum energization. The cat ladies are the only people who care about this nonsense. The same people who think Kavanaugh is a gang-rapist want more latino parasites in the country.

This could turn out beautifully IF Trump has it in him to release the hounds.