Neighborhood Pool Chairman Fired from His Job After Trying to Keep Niggers Out of His Pool

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2018

He is the “Chair” of something – the Pool, to be exact.

His name is “Adam Bloom.”

I would assume he’s Jewish, no?

They tend to be in Chairs of things, they tend to be named “Bloom,” and they tend to look like this.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a majority Jewish neighborhood.

However, his Jewishness is not relevant here.


A white man who challenged a black family’s use of a gated pool in a North Carolina neighborhood has not only resigned from the homeowner’s association board — he’s also lost his job.

Sonoco announced Friday that Adam Bloom is no longer employed by the packaging and industrial products company, saying it doesn’t condone discrimination of any kind, even if it happens outside its workplace.

A video posted by Jasmine Abhulimen on Facebook on July 4, seen more than 4 million times, shows what happened after Bloom questioned whether she was allowed to bring her son to the pool in the Winston-Salem neighborhood.

Definitely does not look like she belongs in a pool in a gated neighborhood.

Once again: racial profiling is simply pattern recognition, which is a basic psychological function of all mammals.

Interestingly, it is also a fundamental function of machine learning… so AI is going to be racist. That is the big problem they are having.

Remember Google recognizing those chimps as gorillas?

They only way they were able to stop the AI from labeling black people as gorillas was to remove gorillas from their pattern recognition system.

I don’t know how they’ll be able to stop AI from doing these things in the future.

Bloom also called the police. In a police recording released Friday, Bloom is heard calmly telling a dispatcher he’s dealing with a “nonresident that’s at the pool who refuses to leave. … We’re just asking for a form of identification.”

But Bloom was wrong about his neighbor: Abhulimen owns a house with her husband a few blocks away in the development, according to county property records.

In the video, Bloom, Abhulimen and the responding officers all speak in measured tones. She accuses him of singling out her and her young son as African-Americans by asking to see her ID. Bloom, who served as chairman of the Glenridge community’s private pool, responds that he asks pool users to see their identification “a couple times” each week.

Officers then determined that Abhulimen did in fact have keycard access to the gated pool. An officer apologized to her. When Abhulimen asked Bloom for an apology, he walked away.

Yeah, Jew or not – alpha move.

Fuck that nigger and fuck her house – she’s obviously African rather than a Basketball American, so her husband probably made his fortune on 419 scams.

The hell else would he get the money?

On Facebook, Abhulimen accused Bloom of racial profiling: “This is a classic case of racial profiling in my half a million $$ neighborhood pool. This happened to me and my baby today. What a shame!!” A police news release noted that the postings were on the page of Jasmine Edwards, which is Abhulimen’s Facebook screen name.

The social media backlash was fierce, and soon targeted Bloom’s employer. In a Twitter post , South Carolina-based Sonoco apologized to Abhulimen and said the situation doesn’t reflect company values.

Their company values is to allow niggers at pool?

Do they know they can’t swim?

Are their company values that niggers should drown? 

What sort of hardcore KKK company is this? Not even I want niggers to drown… necessarily…

“We are aware of a terrible incident involving the actions of one of our employees outside the workplace,” the statement said, adding that the “employee is no longer employed by the company in any respect.”

Company spokesman Brian Risinger confirmed that Bloom’s separation was “effective immediately.” Risinger said Bloom was a business development manager who had been with Sonoco for about five years.

Here’s his info:

You can call him and be like “give that kike his job back – he was just trying to save niggers from drowning!”

An attorney for Bloom said his client has taken his wife and children away from their home in the city, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of Raleigh, to a safe location after receiving death threats. Lawyer John Vermitsky issued a statement Friday saying his client feels terrible and didn’t intend to discriminate.

Bloom was performing his duties as pool chairman after another woman approached Bloom questioning whether Abhulimen had the right to be poolside, Vermitsky said.

Jew gets Jew lawyer – he’ll probably get a settlement from the company that fired him so he won’t have to work for 3-5 years. But he will never get his Pool Chair back.

Never again.

This is yet another instance of the media doxing and hounding an ostensibly white normie for doing something normal. This is a campaign to destroy any resistance to anti-racism by just randomly destroying the lives of randos who can be framed as “racists.” It is intended to keep everyone on edge, all the time.

This is a new thing, but they are pushing it hard.

Just recently:

It is clearly a strategy that the media is engaging in in an organized manner.

None of these stories are real stories – sometimes people get mad and yell at other people, sometimes people ask people for IDs because they look like they don’t belong in a place.

This “smite the rando” technique is a Hail Mary to attempt to hold together the politically correct order which a certain President of the United States of America has taken a wrecking ball to.

Btw speaking of that – since it’s the weekend I’m going to go on a ramble about some crazy shit that you don’t know if I actually genuinely believe or am just trying to fuck with your brain with.

Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball was 50,000,000x better than any single Adele, Rihanna or Avicci song – and yet, it is no longer played, while Adele, Rihanna and Avicci songs from the same time period (2012-14) are played on a loop everywhere you go everywhere in the world.

I’m not saying Wrecking Ball was some great song – I hate pop music.

But it is better than the other stuff, and it is no longer played.


Well, probably because there are a select number of songs that have satanic driving beats which are serving as psycho-emotional drivers for the entire society.

Don’t let the bad optics thumbnail deceive you – it’s pure satanism.

There are also a lot of Taylor Swift, Kanye and Justin Bieber songs from that period that are no longer played.

The big three that I’ve noted are those mentioned: Adele, Rihanna and Avicci.

There are others – oh, Beyonce. Big one, that big bitch. She is like some ancient voodoo ass goddess.

Same thing with Nicki Minaj.

This is some ancient African ass magic. All this big ass shit – pure satanism.

OH AND THE BIGGEST ONE OF ALL: Lady Gaga. They are looping her songs from ten years ago still, and she is openly involved in Jewish satanism.

Now let’s just…

Yeah. Knew it.

Total ass fixation at all her shows.

In all her photo shoots.

Even had her ass naked at an awards show.

Someone needs to go through and do a study on which pop hits get get played the longest – in particular, I am interested in pop songs that are 5-6 years old and still being played on a loop in every public place. I guarantee you will find a pattern that is linked to some kind of satanic driving messages – and has a lot of gigantic asses. That it does not relate in any way to the initial popularity of the song.

It is clear that there are songs that are not great at all that are still played on loop everywhere for some reason.

Avicci killing himself by slitting his throat with a broken bottle certainly plays into the theory that he was a part of a satanic mind-altering conspiracy.

Just saying.

Something to think about.