Portland: Negro Pervert Flashes, Punches 90-Year-Old White Woman

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

Filbert Gacinya.

Occasionally, you’ll read about white perverts exposing themselves to strangers.

But if a pervert exposes himself to a 90-year-old woman then knocks her out cold, you know it’s going to be a negro.


A 90-year-old Portland woman punched in the face by a man who exposed himself to her in downtown Portland last week is sharing her story.

She says she showed up Friday to see the suspect in court but was surprised when she found out he was released from jail this week due to capacity issues with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

For her safety, because she says she was attacked, FOX 12 is not identifying her in this report.

34-year-old Filbert Gacinya is facing charges for indecent exposure, public indecency and assault in the fourth degree.

It was late afternoon on Sept. 17 when the woman was walking near the intersection of Southwest 10th Avenue and Southwest Jefferson Street.

“He was out there dropping his pants, and displaying himself, oh yes, he was an exhibitionist,” the woman said. “And he was shouting. But I was trying very hard not to pay attention to that and just walk along.”

But what happened next for the woman she says is a blur.

“I don’t remember a thing,” she said. “I was out cold and when I woke up I was on the curb in the cement and this woman was helping me up and I said ‘what happened, did I fall?’ And she said ‘no, you were punched.”

Her jaw was badly bruised and her hip was also injured.

Some other people who came to help the woman spotted Gacinya, who took off with police later in pursuit.

“But the trauma of it is another thing because you don’t feel confident just walking down the street,” the woman said. “I’ve never had that feeling before.”

Gacinya is due back in court Oct. 26.

The victim, whose identity has been kept private.